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The classification of woodcarving and appreciate secret want
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Art of our country woodcarving is of long standing and well established. There are many handicrafts that embryonic form provides first early in primitive society period, already substituted by business to craft of woodcarving of period of the Warring States at making the give the final decision in potter art engrave grain and carve patterns or designs on woodwork simply the shade of outer coffin board is engraved, develop to produce stereo and in the round technology. The modelling of the Mu Lu that be like lacquer already vivid and distinct, concise of brief but comprehensive, each place and whole are harmonious; Clean of knife law bright, lively, truly the stereo and in the round beautiful in craft of god-given woodcarving of period of the Warring States is tasted. The woodcarving craft of period of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty, on the base that expands in craft of woodcarving of period of adopy age the Warring States, have again greater progress and rise. In the animal woodcarving work that Chinese grave comes up out of land, can understand the standard that to Handaimu vulture craft develops more. Animal work has horse, ox, dog to wait. These quadruped modelling are vivid, height is in respectively 14-55 centimeter between, make with the method carve that branch makes agglutinate and becomes. Because lumber is,comprise by fiber cell, and quadruped is pretext, body, sufficient 3 parts composition, the size of 3 parts cannot be same size, overall figure is a tall, height, sufficient tall, what according to this kind specific form makes with whole woodcarving is an innovation of craft of Han Daimu carve, for woodcarving craft creation tastes kind of numerous artwork, created intended experience. This is a on woodcarving craft phylogeny major pioneering work. Work of woodcarving of clear our country of Song Zhiming of classics the Tang Dynasty is perfect with each passing day. In work of sculpture of bright Qing Dynasty, the theme of woodcarving craft often is life custom, fairy tale. Existent at the woodcarving work “ of the world heavy woodcarving an affectionate couple warms hand ” is namely among them masterpiece. This work is in the round, color is shown purple, with one bolus heavy wood is carved and become, 5 centimeters tall, 8 centimeters long, 6.5 centimeters wide. Author conception is wonderful, knife law is old, lifelike ground depict the unruffled bearing of an affectionate couple. The woodcarving south Hunan represented civilian style, subject matter content is extensive, contain the following content roughly: It is ” of “ lucky design, if “ auspicious is superabundant ” of ” , “ golden harvests, “ is restful flexibly Songhe of ” , “ delays detailed ” of Long Fengcheng of year of ” , “ ; 2 it is historical novel of hero of opera character, ancient time, novel, mythological fokelore, allegorical story, for people appreciation is savoured; The 3 subject matter that are life of reality of people of direct expression place, include to cultivate, results, silkworm, spin, weaving, depasture, chase, each respects that the society such as sartorial, merchant, love lives; 4 it is the birds and beasts with familiar people, wait like chicken, duck, goose, hare, pig, ox, horse, deer, batty, fish, shrimp and and so on of plant flowers and plants, vegetable melon and fruit.
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