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Woodcarving appreciate is necessary knowledge
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From expression the form is divided, applique of stereo and hollow out sculpture, anaglyph, shallow carve, in the round, hollow out waits. Because of lumber quality of a material different, divide horniness woodcarving and soft qualitative woodcarving again two kinds big. Below one by one introduces his to behave a form, discuss their application and adornment meaning.

1, the building sculpture that tells here is to show architectural woodcarving is decorated. Woodcarving art is used at the building to there is long history in our country. The ancient building of our country (include gardens, cloister, palace to wait) woodcarving adornment, very important place is had on world history. From 1980 ” of country of “ sweet hill is American new York after cosmopolitan museum designs the complete of ” of “ Ming Xuan of installation, chinese gardens ancient building more place of personage of world each country is yearning, chinese gardens is hot already gradually overseas is formed. Decorate ancient building with woodcarving especially, be like carved beams and painted rafters, vulture acts the role of case of rafter of lintel, house, window, baluster, flying cover to hang subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to wait, elegance of has of primitive simplicity, richly showily style, more show woodcarving art to be in ancient building (or archaize is built) in the adornment effect that place has alone. Today, as the swift and violent development of human travel career, and of the demand with civilized to spirit and material people rise ceaselessly, use ancient structure of woodcarving art illuminative (or contemporary archaize is built) , have more visit, view and admire, study, draw lessons from and edify the thought sentiment of people, abound the real significance such as artistic accomplishment. Apply to ancient architectural woodcarving to behave a form, can divide roughly for anaglyph, hollow out stereo and sculpture, in the round with shallow carve 4 kinds.

2, the furniture here, those who point to is wooden furniture. Carving furniture to be able to say is a applied woodcarving art is the most extensive kind of large practical artwork. With furniture of woodcarving art illuminative, have of primitive simplicity, elegant local color. Show of ancient clumsy of furniture of the artistic sculpture furniture that our country exports and annatto sculpture is elegant, sculpture is careful, have distinctive Oriental nation color. And other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing is popular furniture sculpture, the annatto that Taiwan saves carves furniture to also have distinguishing feature very much. There is sculptor to provide in the classic gardens of our country great majority, especially those rare furniture of the display in Suzhou gardens if stage, stool, desk, chair, couch, a few, case, screen, carving the design figure with elegant, elegant show without wood, get the admiration of foreign tourist.
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