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Woodcarving application
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On the other hand, the reason of woodcarving is genetic: Come out from the depart in carpentry, belong to young timber to do. The building of our country is given priority to with timberwork, the building history of our country can say is carpentry history, the application in be being built for woodcarving so provided advantage and space; The wide application of woodcarving, also make building glamour of China boundless, glow, have not at the west, for follow the lead of of world each country, draw lessons from.  

Nowadays, as the development of science and technology, progress, application, productivity rises quickly, goods and materials is rich, the life of whole complete mankind is rising. The development of our country lets the world fix eyes upon, problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill became the past of city life already, not only articles for daily use is substantial, of a large number of housing have make adornment is decorated formed an industry, the application that is woodcarving provided vast space. But the reason as a result of the history, major person is very few to woodcarving understanding (woodcarving is why content, have to everybody why to use, there is what profit after was being used, everybody does not know) let everybody know woodcarving, understand woodcarving, use woodcarving, became the responsibility of our woodcarving worker and pressing job.  

Here the application that we introduce the woodcarving in building adornment mainly, accessary introducing the application of furniture of a few woodcarving, handicraft in adornment, consult for everybody;   

Woodcarving decorates medium application to basically have 4 kinds in the building:

(1 ) palace,

(2) cloister, ancestral temple,

(3) guild hall (guesthouse) , hotel,

(4) manorial, civilian house;

These circulate in our country those who come down is very much, the most typical palace if: The museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace, most typical guild hall is like without number of the cloister such as guild hall of unsealed pleasant of hill short for Shaanxi Province, ancestral temple; Also cannot list of measure of manorial, civilian house one by one, kang Baimo of area of typical southern Suzhou gardens, Central Plains ancient city of Ping Yao of manorial, Shanxi.

Manorial and civilian the application of woodcarving of be placed in the middle, it is us of OK and direct follow the lead of; The door cover inside this, hang fall, hang card of plaque, word, post, sparrow to replace, of the application such as door window, screen, partition, mural, furniture: Classical adornment effect, the bedroom that is used at us now is beautiful still, easy.   

Classical adornment, basis builds ancient time of follow the lead of now contemporary and pattern, aesthetic view, use new theme, new-style form, the beautification life, woodcarving product that expresses desire, because produce the progress of the tool, cost is reduced greatly, become common people to be used at domestic adornment to be used generally, taste with the handicraft that must rise.
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