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The characteristic of antique industry does not allow the whole people to partic
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2, enjoying antique and Ao Kecan and spirit is two things some things advocate the whole people to participate in some things to cannot be advocated both cannot place on a par China now is Olympic Games heat cannot what business goes to Olympic Games the first line of a couplet on a scroll is Chinese profound industry forcedly. The stock market can be the business only, collecting can be culture, can be the business, OK and both those who hold concurrently. Even if serves as the business, in the stock market, it is certain that you cannot raise stock future then certainly forever won't go bankrupt and worthless, be in China especially at present on such market; But, investment antique, if in international famous sale goes, or the thing that the antique connoisseur at hand with outstanding reputation buys, the possibility with worthless future is equal to 0.

3, must admitting antique trade is luck of financial resources of market knowledge experience at the Gao Wei of a suit the industry plays ancient person the gentleman in having absolutely of 4 premise condition to cannot participate in its easily disappears the person that how many does before long have to be ace from Xu, final must Sha feather and return to have more very person destitute.

This is an ace eats the meat, dish bird drinks the industry of soup. Was just like a rich man to enter public house of 5 stars class, belly-worship is wanton after was being enjoyed one time, those who buy sheet is those provinces eat check to use however, assemble of buccal move abdomen, do legwork next people that exert oneself, if the bosom is checked civilian affection, the heart of pity civilian, the compensate of body civilian, offer a piece of advice those ford are not deep and the people that longs to own curious treasure, be not fumed twice by the wind that lively “ fries ancient ” blurred, brains feel distended, a Zhong Yan, in addition dangerous, take care to get an electric shock. Say here remain investment behavior. If want to serve as investment, any investment have a risk. Look conversely, in field of current and all investment, antique investment, artwork invests, just is the risk is the least. It is not profit is highest, is the risk is the least only. Encourage the masses to invest dispersedly, take out oneself the 15-20% left and right sides of idle beyond capital invests domain of antique, artwork, right country, right individual, right this industry is benefit is more than fraud. As to, some people hope is in this domain one night is cruel rich, make big profits with a small capital, lose a family fortune consequently and do it, that is extreme phenomenon. Above knows wrong place to welcome make a comment or criticism.