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Knowledge of appreciate of badge city woodcarving
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City of traditional “ badge one of 4 carve ” . Badge city is a mountainous area teem with lumber, building great majority is structure of bricky wood stone, blame in order to use timber especially much, the adornment that woodcarving of city of the ground of the use force that became woodcarving actor to develop intelligence an wisdom, badge uses on old times building and domestic appliance, pervade urban and rural, what its distributing is wide in countrywide can be counted on one's fingers. Post of principle columns of a hall of the screen inside house, window, fence, the elegant demeanour of woodcarving all can be seen on the bed that uses daily, desk, chair, case and article room appliance, it is not to have a village not to have almost. The subject matter of badge city woodcarving is extensive, have head of fish of character, landscape, flowers, birds and beasts, bug, cloud, answer rich of grain, eight treasures couplet of stannum of ancient, character, and all sorts of lucky design. Amorous feelings of myth of the libretto or script of a ballad-singer of story of anecdotical, literature, opera, religion, folk-custom, folklore mixes the famous person that gives priority to with the character the subject matter such as social life; Be material with landscape, basically be badge city scenic spot, if fizzle out to bring river and badge city hill, Bai Yue, newly,each county has representative landscape view; Be content with animal, flowers and trees, design, submit form of sequential chart shape commonly, can become a picture independently, badge city woodcarving is the component need according to construction system and likelihood, use in the round, anaglyph, show the expressional skill such as vulture. Woodcarving sends ancient building to go up in badge, wear sparrow of bridge, Liang Tuo, dougong to replace with the hand normally, brim, floor column board, China board, stay in the place such as chess, casement, baluster, especially edge courtyard all around the Cheng of circuit neat board, be bright decorate the place that changes distinguish oneself curtilage, carve patterns or designs on woodwork is written, richly flourishing. The frame of woodcarving is general vulture has flow of design pestering ability, mild and indirect, full of beautiful things in eyes. These curtilage civilian house is multi-purpose Yuan Bai, catalpa, Chinese toon, ginkgo, Nan this, the special type lumber such as cedar of Chinese torreya tree, first class is built. To show off the nobility of this material character, all do not cheer lacquer, lest affect carven detail, the instinctive quality that can show this capable person at the same time is downy the nature that reachs Mu Wen is beautiful. Woodcarving considers already beautiful, should take seriously again practical, generally window lower part, courtyard all around authority of upper part column, brim, use anaglyph more, go up for bridge of down to month in Liang Tuo, dougong, sparrow use in the round more. In furniture respect, applied woodcarving is more, it is bed and almirah, basically make with advanced lumber.
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