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Woodcarving of Cheng Dejin lacquer 1000 hands Bodhisattva of 1000 Guan Shiyin
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The name of 42 hands and utility are as follows: 1, use dauntless hand; Divide Wei of all fear of all living creatures. 2, the hand that run day; Extremely the look is dark the person that do not have light. 3, the hand that run a month; Save suffer from pyretic your cool and refreshing. 4, treasure hand; For official of all living creatures person. 5, treasure arrow hand; Make early encountering be apt to is friendly. 6, clean bottle hand; To seek to live on Buddhist day person. 7, Yang Zhi hand; It is difficult to divide a variety of diseases. 8, white stroke hand; Remove all evil barrier. 9, Aquarius hand; For harmonic spouses. 10, shield hand; Monarch all evil animal. 11, tomahawk axe hand; It is difficult to divide all kings. 12, hand of skeleton treasure bastinado; Work all ghosts and gods. 13, beads hand; Can get all Buddha to guide. 14, sword hand; Surrender all ghosts and gods. 15, hand of King Kong beetle; Urge volt everything is complained enemy. 16 cleek hand; Can make the Dragon King supports. 17, stannic bastinado hand; Compassionate Fu protects all all living creatures. 18, white lotus hand; Accomplish a variety of merits and virtues. 19, green lotus hand; Make a living 10 Sukhavati. 20, violet lotus hand; Visibility 10 Zhu Fo. 21, red lotus hand; Can make give birth to a day. 22, treasure lens hand; Accomplish great wisdom. 23, treasure imprints hand; Achievement eloquences greatly. 24, fingered citron is changed on the top (two tactics) ; To get Zhu Fo rub the top suffers write down. 25, both hands joining a strike with the palm of the hand; Can make all people reach ghosts and gods to love to respect. 26, treasure smalls suitcase hand; Can make Tibet of earthy the second of the three ten-day periods of the hot season. 27, hand of 5 kinds of cloud; Can crash Buddha. 28, treasure halberd hand; Can monarch except complain a thief. 29, treasure snail hand; Order deity. 30, flexibly treasure bead hand; Can make abundant. 31, hand of thin silk all alone; Can make smooth and steady. 32, hand of treasure earthen bowl; Can make the identity smooth and steady. 33, jade annulus hand; Make get call boy. 34, Bao Duo hand; Make go up wonderful tone sound. 35, 5 beetle hand; Outside demon of can prostrate day. 36, change fingered citron; Unripe be born not to leave Buddha. 37, change palace hand; Unripe in be born in Buddha palace, do not suffer viviparity. 38, treasure deal with; Your erudite hear more. 39, hand of King Kong annulus; Till be not retreated eventually into Buddha,turn. 40, cattail peach hand; Ling Jiagu bumper harvest.

Outside the both hands that assorted adds up to in the middle of eliminate, big Buddha 40 hands, every hand the palm of the hand has an eye each, can why do these 40 hands and 40 eyes call 1000 hands 1000 times? Original, buddhist 1000 hands the statue of 1000 Buddha, share two kinds of forms, one kind is solid have 1000 hands 1000 times; Making a kind is the figure of this kind of 40 hands eye. According to Buddhist view, these 40 hands and eye match each with “ 25 have ” . 25 have alleged “ ” is 25 kinds of punitive justice in buddhism. 25 multiply with 40, be 1000 hands 1000. The hand that its meaning is Bodhisattva of the sound that observe a life much, eye wisdom is much, much, grant whatever is requested. About watching world sound a term applied to a kindhearted person 40 many hands are mixed eye, still have a paragraph of absorbing Buddhist fokelore; Bodhisattva of the sound that observe a life gets the lot of Budda Sakyamuni, baronial oath wishs below hair, save with infinitely merciful cross all living creatures, before all living creatures did not become Buddha, oneself become Buddha anything but, but all living creatures is too much and fatheaded. Guan Shiyin feels his supernatural power carries this heavy responsibility hard really, this kind of idea is produced, the body becomes 42 paragraphs immediately.
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