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Kaiyuan Jin Runming root carving works of the Shanghai World Expo will be the
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Kaiyuan Genyi Genyi Association Jinrun Ming's work "sea dragon" by the China Arts and Crafts Wood Carving Art Institute of Professional Committee of the jury sent to participate in validation of Shanghai World Expo 2010 "Exhibition of Chinese wood carving", the Ministry of Culture • Chinese World Cultural Exchange Association and the China Light Industry Federation jointly issued the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, "Treasures of Chinese Art • National Masters Series Hui Exhibition" - Exhibition of Chinese wood carving special gold medal. "Sea dragon" created in 2006, high 108 cm wide and 40 cm. Selection of high-quality works of Yunnan Dalbergia root wood, fine texture, color and black uniform Run, flowing lines, no sculpture, no color, naturalness. Work shows the dragon out to sea, went straight to the magnificence of the sky, symbolizing China's development off unstoppable. Of Jinrun Ming, deputy director of the original Kaiyuan City People's Congress, the current City Genyi Association. The root carving work style is natural, profound artistic conception, work has been developing national and provincial Genyi gold medal. Under the leadership of the Jin Runming, Kaiyuan City Genyi flourish, increasing the level of 2002, China successfully held the first Genyi Expo, 2009, and successfully held the fourth root carving exhibition in Yunnan Province, Kaiyuan known as "root carving town."
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