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Consider root art value
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5, true and rich idea

The exterior colour and lustre of root art, be just as the “ skin ” of the root, its natural facial expression and grain are the idea with root most natural art, also be the direct expression of root art value. For this, writing surface is work of unfavorable choose and employ persons goes of chromatic processing. Because chromatic, easy concealed covers natural part, conceal ligneous true and false, conceal the manufacture in a rough way that establishs a root even. So chromatic root art work, often can make its value is reduced greatly.

Generally speaking, right finishing has root art the following kinds of means:

(1) . The what after the surface burnishs do not go up. This kind of processing is to be aimed at emphasize particularly on natural, its are natural and presentative quite perfect already also root art work, this kind of means, deeply root art collector people be loved.

(2) . The surface is cerated. Be aimed at the work of sex of dignified of root art surface, exterior waxing suits relatively.

(3) . Not Anacreontic to exterior color gray moves work, hit dumb smooth colored varnish, its rich color can jump out namely, add stereo touch.

(4) . Contemporary and lively work, suit to hit fully bright smooth Qi Hui to be coordinated quite. For this, reasonable finishing, the meeting is right the value that root art work is having to protect action, meeting to improve root art work. Conversely, can rise counteractive.

Root art phylogeny can chase after tide the times of the Warring States to the front of 2000, develop from its and evolve in light of, have two sides relatively apparent:

The first, a few phase of presentative processing: Namely from chromatic processing (black, red) develop oil of sole a shoe, waxing, reappearance exhibits the white embryo work that does not attend to what, up-to-date inspect work and decide (above spoke of at 5 o'clock) .

The 2nd, carve modelling to all sorts of characters from the primary level of pictographic animal, develop originality of all sorts of abstract now natural landscape, culture, from here we also can see root art is developing, innovating, in sublimate.