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Those who consider root art value
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2, strange modelling

It is this bit to decide root of a tree whether use as the precondition of root art material, it is fundamental key. Without strange modelling, be indifferent to “ true, strange, ancient, strange, absolutely ” , give impossibly also
Root art home people bring inspiration create once more. Generally speaking, a good root art work, should be little vulture or not vulture. My end is “ 9 days capable person (just) , a sweat; Wood
Wooden head, turn over Piao Guizhen. ” of course, 9 here mix is not the data enumerate on maths, just show work of a root art, should be “ day becomes ” for the most part, only very
Little part uses “ artificial ” . At the same time undeniable, have a pair only a mind which perceives both past and future, ability understands that “ ” of 9 days capable person, that strange modelling. No matter vulture and not vulture, should let a person
See ” of head of wood of its “ wood, root flavour is thicker the epitome that feeling to the person more is a nature, feel return Piao Guizhen, feel kind, experience its art value (comb like “ swan feather”