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Tan Genyi work admires week boast complete (2)
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The natural configuration of the root is an object that condensing natural beauty, content is extremely rich. Among them the most important is: The natural configuration beauty of the root, configuration is stereo beautiful, configuration is misshapen beauty of grain of beautiful, configuration and beauty of colour and lustre.

Configuration beauty is the main body of the natural beauty of the root, it is the corporeal base that root art creates, also be the foundation of form of root art art. Root material can not offer the form of creation, with respect to the material that cannot regard root art as creation. Root art author cannot discover the natural configuration of the root is beautiful, cannot undertake root art is created. Accordingly, the natural configuration of the root becomes the premise that root art creates. Root art is created, be in 7 minutes day, be in 3 minutes person, those who point to is natural configuration the dominant action in creation. Natural configuration is not artistic figure. Artistic figure, it is course creative work, the mental temperament the author and abstruse the result that the thought condenses to go in natural configuration. So the artistic figure of root art work, those who give the person that admire is pure not only, plain, sweet nature is beautiful, more important is the meaning that comes out through natural beautiful expression accumulate beautiful. Natural configuration is beautiful, the United States is in the feature of configuration. Configuration feature beauty is the essence of configuration beauty, the concentration that is pattern day interesting beauty and individual character beauty is behaved. So, wanted to capture the diagnostic beauty of configuration only, the weather interest that can enjoy root art work and art interest.