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Tan Genyi work admires week boast complete (3)
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The natural configuration of the root is stereo. The artistic image that creates on natural configuration foundation, have actual length, width and height, it is the artistic figure that is fundamental key with natural beauty. The person that root art is created is the natural form that discovers a root first, the most important is composition of a picture, conception later. Alleged composition of a picture, be not an author the graph of subjective draw the outline of, however the natural appearance composition of a picture of basis root, according to appearance conception, seek the form that behaves thematic thought from inside natural configuration. The graph with what kind of construction? It is a triangle, still be geometrical form, optional form, everything wants to be decided according to the stereo form of configuration. The stereo beauty of this shows configuration, the form that is work not merely is beautiful, and the concentration that also is work vitality and expressional strength is behaved. The person that admire from inside stereo configuration, the form that can see it not only is beautiful, still can comprehend its past and future from inside the motion curve of work figure, enjoy among them artistic conception beauty.