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Gold-rimmed nanmu
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In Chinese building, gold-rimmed nanmu is regarded as the the idealest, most precious, ritzy timbering all the time, apply extensively in mausoleum of temple of palace center animal farm, altar.
At the outset Damingyongle 4 years (1460) instruct when building Beijing palace " detachment chancellery collects wood at Sichuan, lake wide, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shanxi " , this is in bright history on have clear account. Division of Chinese nanmu camphor tree (LAVRACEAE) Nan is belonged to (Phoebe Nees) , constant green tree. Distributinging Yu Yazhou, america tropics and semi-tropical, have 94 kinds about. China has 34 kinds about, release at catchment of the Yangtse River with south area, advocate originate in southwest, Hua Na. Nanmu is lofty arbor more, the tree is in high 20 meters of above, can have 15 kinds for what building, furniture uses material, cultivate Gaokeda among them 25 meters of above, the especially big arbor of 60 centimeters of above has pectoral way 8 kinds. Among them:

1, floret Nan, be as high as 15 meters - 25 meters, pectoral diameter 35 centimeters, originate in Yunnan south.
2, Gong Maoshan Nan (red lead, Mao Dan) , be as high as 25 meters, pectoral diameter 100 centimeters, originate in south of Hainan, Guangxi and southwest ministry.
3, Pu Wennan (Huang Xinnan, fine 3 close) , be as high as 30 meters, pectoral diameter 100 centimeters, originate in ministry of Yunnan south, southeast and southwest ministry.
4, fine Xie Zhennan, be as high as 25 meters, pectoral diameter 60 centimeters, originate in the eastpart part of Shaanxi south, Sichuan, Yunnan.
5, Fujian Nan (Fujian of · of Nan of leaf of Guangxi of · of Xing Annan wood, nanmu, bamboo) , be as high as 40 meters, pectoral diameter 1.5 meters, originate in north of south of Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi to reach, the eastpart part of Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou.
6, hardwood Nan (elegant south) , be as high as 30 meters, originate in Hubei western, Guizhou northwest ministry and Sichuan.
7, Nan of another name for Yunnan Province, be as high as diameter of 30 meters of bosoms 1.5 meters, originate in Tibetan southeast ministry, Yunnan south, southwest ministry to reach.
8, Tai Nan (live charcoal Nan) , pectoral diameter 60 centimeters, originate in Taiwan, Anhui. Above is rare the person that without consulting anyone of the bosom in the especially big nanmu that see reachs 1.5 meters 0.35 meters, use in a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men inside main structure. Floret Nan does bridge of the joist that carry brim, fine Xie Zhennan becomes brim post, pu Wennan does old brim column, Zheng Xinheng and 5 bridge, 3 wear bridge to wait; Fujian Nan does Jin Zhu. Mix with Fujian Nan, hardwood Nan, fine Xie Zhennan again among them Pu Wennan is optimal, machine refined and beautiful, luster, easily not only, not craze, changeless form, be able to bear or endure decayed, still have sweet smell

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