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Consider root art value
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Chestnut of bang of artistic Great Master is right root art says so: "Root art can enter the hall of elegance, proper place was found on art history, this works, the person that be worth to have keep in mind is lifelong struggle. The person that be worth to have keep in mind is lifelong struggle..

Root art this is artistic, got the affirmation of artistic domain, gained the favour of guest of bookman Chinese ink; More a lot of entrepreneur not hesitate heavy gold buys the large root with those taller originality art work, use at decorating company image. In the meantime, root art serves as a kind " day person syncretic " special artwork, also be asked to take a door by common common people gradually, lend nature good luck, express life feelings!

Root art is accepted for civilized times place and praise highly. So how should we go appreciation and careful situation work of a root art? Its value orientaton how? Here, my general comes more than 10 years in a bit result on the road that find a root, divide the following to give shallow talk.

One, the superior material that establish a root is qualitative

Place this a little bit in the first, because often be omited easily at this o'clock by people place,be. An any things, substaintial stand or fall, to value, certainly its are affected. Be like out at same the hand of a technology division, the jewelry that the jewelry that its gold makes and silver make, although model is same, size is equal, but its value is great different. It is in the draw materials of root art: The root of draw materials Yu Songshu, namely quality of a material is loose, degenerate easily degenerative. And draw materials cultivates a root to appear thick at Hua Limu move is very, and save for a long time easily; Colour and lustre of camphorwood tree root is rich, natural of primitive simplicity, still can give out fragrance at the same time, it is the better material that makes root art; Ormosia cedar root criterion most beautiful material, this is its woodiness not only not easy craze, be out of shape, cankered, its color is particularly satisfactory also, from reddish to scarlet until become rufous, antique feeling, especially yew alcohol has apparent effect to preventing cancer, and be regarded as " national treasure " . Generally speaking, grow the precious rare wood with slower solid quality of a material is relatively rare, if have gymnastical effect, value is higher.

2, strange modelling

It is this bit to decide root of a tree whether use as the precondition of root art material, it is fundamental key. Without strange modelling, be indifferent to " true, strange, ancient, strange, absolutely " , give a root impossibly also art home people bring inspiration create once more. Generally speaking, a good root art work, should be little vulture or not vulture. My end is " 9 days capable person (just) , a sweat; Wood wood head, turn over Piao Guizhen. " of course, 9 here mix is not the data enumerate on maths, just show work of a root art, should be for the most part " the day is become " , only very few part is used " artificial " . At the same time undeniable, have a pair only a mind which perceives both past and future, ability understands that " 9 days capable person " , that strange modelling. No matter vulture and not vulture, should let a person see its " wood wood head " , root flavour is thicker the epitome that feeling to the person more is a nature, feel return Piao Guizhen, feel kind, experience its art value (be like " swan combs feather " ) .
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