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Speak of from root carve
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Root carve is a kind of artwork, because it is having other and artistic place not to have a kind " thick " and " natural " beautiful, but not be to say all natural tree roots have this kind of beauty, why? Be machined because of what have root carve artist among them or say " craft " inside its. And this kind of craft is to need to learn ability to obtain, this kind of study is the adroitness that goes up by hand only not just, and the accumulation that has many artistic practice, artistic experience more is inside its. Does it need fabricant even is Gou of crab of Fan Jia of  of massacre of foot of quilt of crisp to ⒛ of arc of art, sculpture, divide evenly intense bad be troubled by  to bite copy of  of class of large of raw meat or fish of  of prize of emperor of ⒉ of  of  of   Wu?

See the artwork that does not understand have a lot of, buddhist is for instance tall, for instance Mo Nai, listen to be not known very much also, for instance Mozart is mixed cold knight, although we think to know a lot of artwork oneself in, be afraid also a lot of is meet at all actually wrong meaning, can we are opposite this improperly belittle oneself? To art, you need not like, but the work that you should know respectable others, it is pair of artwork not just actually, as a person for, respecting others is the morality of at least, otherwise, also won't get the respect of others.

Respect is a kind of goodness not only, and the motive force that can become you to learn, although you want to prove certain thing is of unfounded actually, you also should master above all or understand among them a few reasons. When contemporary poetry and traditional poetry cut apart deeply and be betrayed, often hear the criticism of a lot of people to rules and forms of classical poem of classic poem word, and I from the heart in, dare not try to agree with really, if you join 24 charm department,one medium carries no less than coming on the back, perhaps press a root to be done not have most of at least had studied rules and forms of classical poem of level and oblique tones, you won't understand the good qualities that uses musical sound and weakness at all, the air on the immanent and symphonious charm that also can know how to should control poetry far from, rhythm, and even free and easy, what qualification do you have to come again judge its actor bad?

Often see a lot of people speak of hazy poem, know Xu Zhi only however rub and do not know Dai Wangshu unexpectedly, dai Wangshu puts 96 poems to make only all one's life, but its achievement is actually far go up in Xu Zhi, even if will look with present eye, a lot of work that wear still are belonged to outstanding, and its to colloquial article accurate use far also go up in Xu Zhi (individual character) , considering that Wen Bai's alternant special period, new moon sends a certain number of defect of Shiwenli, the evaluation behoove of later generations more evenhanded a few.

Same argument, what to western literature concept concussion falls is contemporary Chinese literary poetry, we should have more patience to understand, art do not press a body, many somes of knowledge does not have disadvantage absolutely to your poetry. I myself am a model is conservative model the person that read, must wait to Lierke, Pang those who read is not much, foreign poet is read-only cross Whitman, Xiesaining, Puxijin, Taigeer, Hai Nie to wait relatively classic work a moment, more contemporary read-only the Chinese interpret that crosses a few Germany and Portuguese poet is made, calculate going up is fall behind quite and read little, but the writing skill to western poetry and concept, in the print of ten years of poems of subscription and network, it is good to follow poetry secondhand to be the same as people also acquired a few, although have some I can be not agreed with completely, perhaps return from mentally more or less a few collide, but the effort to others, I am respect all along, because no matter how say, poetry is " craft " vivid, you need not admit, but you cannot alter such fact, unless you can let all tree roots, do not add carve, become true artwork.
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