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The beauty of root art
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The art of the root, the distinctive plastic arts that is syncretic of person of union of a kind of ingenious, day. Its appliance has all sorts of root material pattern of natural beauty, innovation gives the beautiful figure with much colorful appearance, make the person obtains different careful aesthetic feeling to suffer with aesthetic ideal.

Appreciate an outstanding root art work, it is to adopt wraparound and pure artistic form, the rich thought content that have the aid of is experienced at associating to go with the imagination and comprehends the natural root that root art artist wants to convey reachs unique artistic figure. For example Hunan Hu Chunming creates " boat tracker " root art work, expressional is the labor scene of person of riparian edge track, work condenses the content of numerous track person and ship at root formative a character goes up personally. The author should behave the boat in bank and water, behave numerous track person to be in emphatic expression appearance, behave the force of working people and natural make a stand against. But work of this root art does not have depict legion content however, capacious without depict also mix without the bank of border long the large ship of classics harships, just adopt a pure, wraparound model that establish a root character, will show very rich thought content. Body of root actor content and facial bearing, although specious, let person couplet think of he is exerting oneself to do sth. however track. Especially that foreleg bend, hind leg stretchs tight rope of fast track of straight, two arms, bow lower one's head, stride ahead forcibly and boat tracker bearing, those who make the person feels the hardship that works to boat tracker and responsibility is heavy. And the muscle feeling that that body place expresses, also show the boundless strength of laborer. Because root art art is a kind of art that has stereo feeling, the flank that the person that watch accordingly never can be the same as, different point of view, different distance goes undertaking appreciate, what obtain from which is aesthetic feeling gets endless and identical try.

As a kind of stereo plastic arts, root art can behave a moment of behavior only, to achieve vivid and concrete aesthetic result, it always shows its past and future with static modelling, the root that this says normally namely art the trends of art is beautiful. Trends makes root art figure shows spirit, show life, "Ma Kongji north " the creation of work of root art art, it is the example of this respect. "Ma Kongji north " it is the natural form that uses tree root, create the image that horseback giving a person gallops ahead. Equestrian double closefisted is pulling rein, the hair hikes up, person, Ma Tongwei, gallop naturally, like a powerful and unconstrained style general. This is the most saturated instant in athletic process, the force of person, horse gets the biggest outbreak. Although it is athletic process medium dormant, but the behavioral procedure that this static state allows appreciator to feel a chain of however. Gentleman of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of permanant of no less than endows with poetic place to say: "Hole of drink horse Great Wall, wrap around A of the water that send Ying, straighten one's back opens the earth, harships crosses the Yellow River. Harships crosses the Yellow River..
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