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The phylogeny of root art
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The development it may be said that root carve art is in China is deep headstream grows. Be in early primitive society period, people can have carved wood to make decoration. 1982 museum of district of city of Heibei province chaste tree clears the root carve that Ma Shan discovered period of our country the Warring States when grave of a Hunan work of art " avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease " . According to textual research of branch of national cultural relic, this cultural relic is made at the Warring States terminal, arrive 340 years in BC about BC 270 years between, be apart from today 2300. Its form is the 4 sufficient strange animal of end of body of tiger head, dragon, hare, extremely rich move situation verve, colour is quaint guileless. Arrived when Sui Tang period, root art development already tended prosperity. " plum secrete is passed " in have plum secrete is made with natural tree root " dragon form is ungual " give imperial account. The root of Pure Brightness period art work " Yu Linglong kylin " , " phoenix " wait for work more in Shanghai comfort circle is displayed up to now. These work " 3 minutes artificial, 7 minutes of days are become " , the verve expression of root art work gets incisively and vividly. 11 of the party 3 in since plenary meeting, the country is revitalized, economy booms, root art enterprise also develops flourishingly. 1983 " the art of the root " after newsreel films, held in Chinese art gallery 1985 " the artistic couplet of Chinese root is exhibited " , established Chinese arts and crafts to learn root art seminar, make Chinese root art art was on normalization, the development way that learning changes. Ministry of classics state civil administration was approved in September 1994, by 2 class the society is promoted to a high office the one class that belongs to for place of Chinese article couplet learns - Chinese root art art society. And already developed organization of more than 40 root art in countrywide each district. Manufacturer adds the root carve skill of the province such as Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu ceaselessly, root art production formed certain dimensions, level of root art creation is to reach a new level more. And, it shows originality with its, the artistic appeal that fine interesting day becomes, get the favour of increasing person.
The area difference it may be said of root carve art is long-standing. Be in early what root art develops is inchoate, the root of each district art work presents an all sorts of different styles. These work style difference basically originate two respects element:

The faction of root carve art
One > of < of root material different. As a result of the difference of climate of various places nature, make breed of floral of each district nature and size endless and same. This makes each district root art creation draw materials is having differ in thousands ways, make carve of each district root artistic have apparent local distinguishing feature
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