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Root carve market warms up gradually when collecting investment to meeting
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Net of abb of classics of an ancient name for China

As the rapid development of Chinese market economy, gradually trend commercializes artwork, root carve also is such, in the life that walks into us slowly. Root carve art results from natural and prep above is natural, every its work is Gu is tasted, this means root carve finished product to will become artwork of out of print. The person of many know the business takes a fancy to this a little bit namely, not hesitate to buy rare root carve product to collect at high price, wait to appreciate.

Commercial value is approbated by the market

The root department that draw materials of root carve writing leaves after Yu Shumu fell trees. Appearance all kinds of strange things, artists develop their exuberant imagination, "Appreciably " try carve, have the artistic appeal that fine interesting day becomes.

Root carve art is one of our country's distinct artistic category, there is long development history in our country. Be in early fast ancient, of our country first civilian people made a variety of artwork with respect to the root that use a tree. Existent the earliest root carve work, be period of the Warring States " exorcise evil spirits " with horny form implement, 80 time discover 20 centuries in the barrow in Hubei early or late. This shows root carve already had certain artistic level in ancient time. In the comfort garden of the Imperial Palace that is in Beijing up to now, Summer Palace and Shanghai, the root carve curiosa that still collecting a lot of clear generation.

In the past, the person that collect centers the look on the class such as painting and calligraphy and china merely, the artwork such as root carve is encountered desolate, the price of curiosa of a few carve also stops to be controlled at tens of thousands of yuan only, appear very hard high price. But in the last few years, as people living standard rise ceaselessly, artwork flavour rises step by step, the price of root carve also rises step by step subsequently. For example at the beginning of 1998, shanghai one honour name is " eight saints go across the sea " root carve, clinch a deal with three yuan day price. On April 18, 2004, by leaf of Great Master of Chinese folk art Yu Qingxian gives birth to carven " century elephant " giant root carve is succeeded to auction with 600 thousand yuan high price. Be on sale according to flowers of run of Beijing jade spring in inn of hall root carve make manager introduction, 2.4 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, the carve of ormosia fir root of heavy hoisting jack pats the price to be as high as 98 thousand yuan since the desk. If be the artwork of carve of ormosia fir root of chiliad above have to several 100 thousand. The root carve that come is bought with hundreds of yuan 10 years ago, can sell 779 yuan easily now, appreciate splitting. Current, our country each vulture market of big city trade the net already saw embryonic form, the biggest root carve market is in Guilin.
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