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Root art freely talks
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Use natural withered decayed picket makes root art artwork, be not today the person's creation. In hill of horse of Hubei river hill 1982 grave of a Hunan is mixed hill is wrapped in Jing Men after a few years 2 Hunan grave comes up out of land early or late taste along with bury " exorcise evil spirits " and " horny form implement " root art is tasted, influence the work of period of the Warring States about 300 years for BC according to textual research. The nature that explains artist of our country ancient time discovers natural root already is beautiful, achieved in creation " day person syncretic " state.

As the development of social culture art, root art creation is in the Sui Dynasty, Tang Shi period is very flourishing already. Tang Chaohan is in more " the lay Buddhist that inscribe wood " in one poem, right at that time the name is " wooden lay Buddhist " the characterization that root art work has made figure: "Fire is appeared wave wear not plan spring, the root is like a body like woman's head-ornaments doing. Occasional subject makes wooden lay Buddhist, have boundless the person that seek good fortune. " the root body that because go throughall the vicissitudes of life,was written and spreads all over scar of strange channel different, and the natural form that archaic actor uses natural root place ably to have is beautiful, achieve art to go up thereby " alike in spirit " root art creates technique; More wrote the ancients to be opposite root art tastes love, achieved even regard its as " god " the picture that content will come to adore.

According to historical data account, archaic root art creation is in not only view and admire taste a respect, and reached certain level in utility respect. Bright metabolization is in Hangzhou " 5 miscellaneous Yi. Content ministry " in have at that time " make buddhist chair with withered wood root " account. The root that pleaseds display inside Yu Huatang field in Shanghai nowadays makes double chair, Yu Linglong the utility such as kylin and phoenix and view and admire article, it is place of bright generation person is made. " contented hut dream is recalled " one book, the root to bright generation person art creation is having detailed record and narrate: "If appearance is incompetent, and wonderful artical excelling nature... like that the person that its are fond of oneself so, use the with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with of travel surely again, it is with not easy Dao Fu strange, deal with Ga is chased to what grind high price. Deal with Ga is chased to what grind high price..

Qing Dynasty is acting, a lot of roots art home accedes and developed woodcarving tradition craft to make root art creation reached a new level, developed professional and manual mill. Swim with the Pu Tian of Fujian, celestial being especially among them, Zhu of day of the Ning Hai of Fuzhou and Zhejiang, Pu Jiang, Hangzhou for famous producing area. Fujian produces " Fu Lushou SamSung " , " hemp aunt is fairy " etc become have product of full-bodied place colorific. Zhejiang peaceful sea, Pu Jiang is taken call root actor " Chai Zhu's person " . "Chai Zhu " be in place is " burn material " meaning. Alleged " Chai Zhu's person " , it is to call these people can the meaning that is used at the waste site that make a fire to change treasure only originally. By " Chai Zhu's person " the historical character of creation and fabulous character if Jiang Zi tooth, close the Chan of fair, Zhu Geliang, Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun, ermine, the Eight Immortals in the legend, longlived person, dramatic nature such as the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper, without one duplicate.
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