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Brief introduction of root art art reachs root art phylogeny
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Root art art, it is all sorts of roots such as root of choice and the tree root in using nature, Zhu Gen, cane the natural configuration of material, a kind of artistic form that tries to artistic processing and craft are handled and be formed, abbreviation root art. Its content is extremely rich, include adornment of root art artwork, root art and root art utility. It is rooted the art in clay, it is people the secret of the natural beauty the root, announce from clay come out, achieve together with the day, show a kind of when come out now new artistic language, in the artistic life of people, be on the significant position that cannot replace.

Lu Xun gentleman has said: "Art person, have 3 essential factor: Say day other people, 2 say ideal, 3 say beautification. " root art art accords with this 3 element completely. It waits for art with sculpture, painterly, craft, building same, congeneric art category, it is the plastic arts of syncretic of person of an ingenious union, day, the multiple sex that has natural beauty, carve beauty and modelling beauty and distinctive artistic color, the creative work that still following itself of root art modelling and the rule that make. It is in domain of Chinese culture art, the artistic class that is an independence -- Chinese root art art.
As economic development, the culture art of people lives increasingly rich and colorful, regression makes fashionable pursuit naturally, ground of the of primitive simplicity of root art, natural beautiful of course accepts favour fully. Art gallery of Chu Genyi of Chinese chaste tree takes home the art of many forerunner of group of root art art is accumulated, with when all is entered, get used to the tide that informatization society changes, will numerous individual accumulates assemble of root art artwork to become a house, wait for propagandist form through website of CD video, internet, outward bound recommends China energetically the special type of root art is beautiful, let China root art carries world of raise of this window name.

The development it may be said that root carve art is in China is of long standing and well established. Be in early primitive society period, people can have carved wood to resemble making decoration. 1982 museum of district of city of Hubei province chaste tree clears the root carve that Ma Shan discovered period of our country the Warring States when grave of a Hunan work of art " exorcise evil spirits " . According to textual research of branch of national cultural relic, this cultural relic is made at the Warring States terminal, arrive 340 years in BC about BC 270 years between, be apart from today 2300. Its form is the 4 sufficient strange animal of end of body of tiger head, dragon, hare, extremely rich move situation verve, colour is quaint guileless. Arrived when Sui Tang period, root art development already tended prosperity. " plum secrete is passed " in have plum secrete makes ungual " of " dragon form give with natural tree root imperial account. The root of the period when Qing Dynasty art work " Yu Linglong kylin " , " phoenix " wait for work more in Shanghai comfort circle is displayed today. These work " 3 minutes artificial, 7 minutes of days become " , the verve expression of root art work gets incisively and vividly.
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