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The body of root art is beautiful
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Want to be able to be experienced in appreciate, root of experience and observe art the body of art is beautiful, must be opposite above all the feeling of main body deepness of work of root art art is known somewhat. What is the feeling of main body deepness of root art art? What connection do it and body have between the United States? Want to say these two problems clear, still get from the root art how can art just become true artwork speak of.

Famous sculptor Luo Dan is in treat of what is true artwork when, ever emphasized pointing out: "A sculptor should make him fictile character becomes artwork truly, be about to let it have life, make it vivid rise. " say again: "Do not have art without life. A sculptor wants to show some kind of happy, pungent, enthusiasm, if do not make the character of own expression rises alive above all, that won't touch us, because one does not have the thing of life... the joy of a stone and distress, what be concerned with to have to us? " what Luo Dan's work pays attention to outside form not only is true, and the attention behaves spirit and life, make his sculptural presents the charm that gives eternity thereby. And the art of the root creates place of red of collect of no less than to say, in the natural form and structure that uses a material to have expressional power while, want be particular about to behave spirit and life likewise, the root capable person that should let this visible form rises alive, become true artwork. The author ever was exhibited in root art work in, see two show " ox " root art work, among them one has head, horn, body and limb, joining together goes up scrutiny still has a leg, although look very distinct, also carve even Niu Tizi even came out, but people does not think it is an outstanding root however art artwork, an arrogant duplicate in living however. Why? What seeking appearance only one-sidedly at the author is distinct, and ignored how to go behaving the spirit with underlying work and life. Another work however rather, the root that creates south Wei Yi art work " develop " , it is to use tree root to behave likewise " ox " figure, but he is not exacting " ox " extremely distinct on body, however with a view to is behaved " ox " bearing and force, he let this sere root material become vivid life, scrutiny also is done not have " ox " 4 legs, but give the person's feeling more effective than having the ox of 4 legs amount, truer and touching.

How can work of root art art just show the vigor of immanent spirit and life? Luo Dan has said a paragraph of such words: "In our art, because model what get with motion well,the illusion of life is. These two kinds of characteristics, resemble the blood of all good work and breath. " right for root art art, what is just good model? Author of root art art should put starting point in right of root art apply and on conception, should not do an ox like the ox with root material, do Mawei to satisfy like the horse, and should exert oneself goes comprehend and modelling a root to pledge the place on material presents a the sort of bright individual character that come, can reflect the artistic image of the delicate immanent change that gives thing inner world. That is to say, it is when root art modelling, do not want the natural form with particular material of root of bureau be confined to to go up, due more capacious reflection, of body of root of with a view to rise and fall, with a view to behaves deepness. The author is in root art creation is used to from time to tome, do not imagine a capable person first each part seem the exterior figure of what, regard the exterior figure of root material as only those who behave the immanent bulk of work is outstanding, and pay attention to use a material the thematic thought that every useful natural division scar goes to highlighting expressional work, make work develops to expressional deepness, model principle or method, it is to apply a material to come for art home to the root modelling. This kind " model science " academic, should be the basic approach that coachs root art artist creates the work that has stereo feeling.
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