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The aesthetic principle that root art writes
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Root art is strange " of a " , "The plastic arts that artful " combines, the aesthetic in principle that it writes in art and other art have collective place, have its particular characteristic again. Alleged and collective place, it is it had woodcarving, sculpture, the artistic expressional form such as carved stone, absorb the advantage that they create again, will fill its demerit. Their different point, depending on root art is the natural form that uses a root, achieve together with the day. Accordingly, it emphasizes on artistic creation have 4 principles: It is to search strange look for the United States; 2 it is to borrow opportunely natural; 3 it is outstanding interest; 4 it is exquisite composition of a picture. This 4 element are the most radical tentative plan that root art creates.

1. pays attention to composition of a picture
Law of composition of a picture:  million kneecap returns a grave to employ Du of choke of the ㄊ that squeeze any of several hot spice plants ⑻ of Zou of lament model  is tranquil  of bud of 2 take along sth to sb cuts cent of Ge Long kneecap ǔ feed  of dumpling of  of the K that employ flesh to cut feed sweat of  of crusty pancake of the hack that employ hold a memorial ceremony for to employ Gu Xie act  is static branny Zhong Mi, be like a circle, elliptic, lozenge is waited a moment, as the base that has composition of a picture further.
The characteristic of composition of a picture of root art work:
When evaluating work of root art art, often use such remark: Composition of a picture is stable, the structure is grandiose, intent bold and unconstrained, metabolic multiterminal is waited a moment. This varied impression, decide the content at subject matter and work not only, and also originate tonal, woodiness grain and cooperate, but mainer is to depend on the processing of composition of a picture of work. The principle of composition of a picture of root art art, it is the natural configuration from the root in, search underlying factor of the form, arrive from content form, arrive from the form content, it is one relapses instead the process that answer ground reflects thematic thought and content.
The vitality of composition of a picture of root art work:
The vitality of root art work, it is the discovery in the peculiar configuration from the root generally speaking, understand its immanent thing, use the exterior feature of certain figure, try typical strong performance. It is OK to be returned sometimes have the aid of at behaving skill, make bearing of generation of root art work is mixed move feeling, gift new life. Root art work can behave the clue inside sometime only, make the audience feels explicitly namely after before this is engraved temporarily, be mixed, that flashy clue that produces in athletic process namely, accomplished this only, ability gives a person to feel in order to be full of the motion of life.
The expressional strength of composition of a picture of root art work:
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