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The making technology of root carve handicraft
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Root carve handicraft is raw material with establishing a root, via be being chosen outstandingly, conception, machine and become, it maintained the natural appearance that establishs a root, contained the person's innovation again, because conceive nature of guileless of peculiar, shaping, 1000 appearance 100 condition, lifelike, have admire and collect value, also kiss the gift of friend as decorous adornment and gift and times suffer people to love. The modelling of root carve handicraft is diversiform, divide roughly it is 3 kinds: It is economic furniture, wait like crutch of flowerpot wearing, TV wearing, pen container, bibcock; 2 it is animal model, wait like ox, horse, dragon, snake; 3 it is character modelling, if fokelore is medium character, contemporary,the character waits. Its make a process not complex, usually, the machine program of root carve handicraft is as follows:
The first pace is to collect carve of root material root expensive in nature, nice root capable person is not everywhere is seen, want to make great efforts one time to collect however. Cliff, mountain forest, riverside, quarry even the bavin of common people piles, it is to have certain and natural formative root material is in habitat, early spring or winter is collected best.
The 2nd pace is flay Qing Dynasty corrupt the method of flay has two kinds: Delicacy pares the law is mixed immerse law. Before one kind of method can use the Xian Gencai that Yu Gang collects, particular way is to will cultivate a bathe to be put in outdoor ground completely 2, 3 days, moisture of ministry letting a root evaporates a few, can use a knife to divest since prize of fracture surface place; Immerse the law is applied to lay the sere root material with longer time, its method is: Expect the root to the day is counted in water intrusion, till can divest till. The fiber on carefully cleared root material reachs the silt inside hole, do not injure a root material and destroy grain.
The 3rd pace is conception modelling had root capable person and wanting choppy hand to carve, and should conceive treatment very well to become why to plant modelling. According to experience, some root material can see model, some needs to consider a few months that count day to just can conceive an optimal modelling 9 years even.
The 4th pace is sculpture shapes after conception is good, with respect to movable hand treatment, cut cut into parts to drop redundant root beard, section uses baked wheaten cake, treatment becomes natural burrow, convex treatment becomes tumour state, achieve the result of natural beauty. The image with form clear appearance is not gone after painstakingly when sculpture, hold with natural give priority to, with abstract, hyperbole, be out of shape, the natural image that shadowy figure reflects tree root, increase its to appreciate value. Some makings is misshapen not full-time, the root makings that can choose same quality of a material undertakes joining together, gimmick wants choiceness, do not leave a mark.
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