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Shaanxi farmer is engraved piece " red Lou Meng " 120 anaglyph
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Shaanxi saves Wen Zhong of Guo of farmer of ceremony spring county, with 5 years time creation goes out " red Lou Meng " graph of 120 character setting. Recently, these anaglyph are finished entirely, be handed in a mouth to praise by neighborhood.

Guo Wenzhong of 64 years old is done not have this year had gone up regular school, but his sagacity and academic, like to start work creation. Front courtyard couplet produces doer of ceremony spring county contract after system of job responsibility, guo Wenzhong had free time, begin to liked to go up root carve, create gave many 20 work. He liked to go up again later anaglyph, the person that likes oneself comes down with the formal record of anaglyph.

5 years ago, guo Wenzhong hits upon creation " red Lou Meng " the character's impulse. The little brother that he invites teach school borrows from the school " red Lou Meng " origianl work, the person of the literacy in letting a village reads him to listen. According to oneself understanding, the design gives every paragraphic anaglyph pattern, bout makes, sculpture is growing 1 Mi Yu, wide nearly 0. On 5 meters compound board. He completed 120 work recently. These float sculpture paint meticulous in a subtle way, the character is lifelike.

Guo Wenzhong says, oneself make these anaglyph not be benefit for the name, pursue only one likes. (Ding Jing)

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