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Root carve
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Root carve art is China a history is long, "The traditional plastic arts that artful " of strange " , " combines. It writes medium aesthetic principle in art, having collective place with sister art already, having the characteristic with distinctive oneself again. Alleged and collective place, it is the expressional form that it had the art such as woodcarving, sculpture, carved stone, through absorbing, the creation gimmick that draws lessons from them, will learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, achieve ceaseless and rich oneself to create the end of skill thereby. And different point depends on root carve art is the natural form that uses a root, the aesthetic appeal of oneself of the person that union is created produces the artwork that give. Accordingly, it stresses 4 principles on artistic creation: It is to search strange look for the United States; 2 it is to borrow opportunely natural; 3 it is outstanding interest; 4 it is exquisite composition of a picture. These 4 element are a vulture art is the basiccest premise in creation and conception.
The body change that upholds a root is bigger, 1000 appearance 100 condition, some Qiu music overstaffed, a knot in one's heart is full of stains or spots, some rafts 4 pieces bud, have outstanding clavus already, have hole again, still have a tie tumour and fine cracked grain reachs all sorts of section scar. This kind of changeful tree root, show an artificial place cannot the characteristic that depict gives. The author is in when choosing a capable person, the clear already draw the outline of in brains gives the figure feature that models an object, appropriate favourable geographical position uses the natural characteristic of a material, try in crucial part only proper carve, arise thereby go out to have natural interest already, have the root carve an excellent work that Zhuo Saiqiao measures again.