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Carve of root of 5 years of creation is close 1000
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The Wen Zheng of the alley after living in urban company wakes this year 59 years old. His come off sentry duty, having openinging a bookshop, had left small " person much " later, wen Shu is confused finally went up root carve creation, from one caboodle " sodden wood " in the joy that found old age. 5 years short, he created carve of nearly 1000 roots.

From small have artistic talent

Wen Shu from small arboreous to flowers and plants have very deep feeling, have artistic talent. When 16 years old, he crouchs in the potted landscape that others sees by the side of the street to be able to look is a few hours. When 22 years old, horticultural Shi Zhouting strikes the folk that Wen Shu got acquainted with many years old 70, do obeisance to Zhou Bai to be division, learn a few knowledge such as carve of miniascape, root, stone, antique, learn every week 3 night, learning is a few years.

Simple and honest him Wen Shu did not work get on this one, but he showed a friend to earn big money however. Wenshu has a Guangxi friend A is rich, rely on tricycle to carry goods fends originally. A is rich 1997 did not have the job, during be anxious, wen Shu shows A rich dig to crane hill " the head that cultivate a young " (tree root) . Wen Shuqin is taking A oneself rich go up to hill chooses and dig tree root, show him to be dug where, how to machine, sell where, only two days of A are rich with respect to gain hundreds yuan. Come 10 many years, a is rich be engaged in a carve developing a sale to had had 10 years, became old boss.

Hind of come off sentry duty renews root carve predestined relationship

2003, wen Shu of 54 years old is in city ferry firm come off sentry duty.

After come off sentry duty of article father's younger brother, had opened a bookshop, had left small " person much " , he still is taken afresh finally curium, tool of carve of root of first class of authentic, axe and paint, chose root carve creative work, all day with one caboodle " sodden wood " associate with. Every sky midday, wen Shu stays in the home to create a carve, after lunch, he searchs tree head with respect to the village that riding a bike to around environs, hilltop, building site. "Building site is the place that discovers tree root the most easily, because a lot of building site break off earthy cut into a mountain, left root of a lot of trees with respect to involuntary discharge of urine, these are the material that produce a carve. " Wen Shu says, farthermost when, he steps on bicycle to Shan Yayao crossing a crane to search tree root.

Create carve of nearly 1000 roots 5 years

Wen Shu's home is a bungalow of the alley after the company, room inside and outside is piling up the finished product of a lot of carve or semi-manufactured goods, among them Duan Shugen is put outside the house by very optional ground, allegedly, make a price of others of this tree root 100 thousand yuan, wen Shu also is hated to part with sell. The root carve work that Wen Shuchuang makes has lizard, tortoise, woodpecker, snake, fish, toad, volant roc to wait a moment, all is lifelike, especially the day becomes the configuration nature of the root, reflected the beauty of essence of a kind of life.
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