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How to achieve the sale of a carve
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Root carve has proper place on Chinese culture phylogeny as a kind of distinctive artistic form. Use a material to make art and utility, already had in primitive society budding. Existent the earliest root carve work of art, should calculate times of the Warring States so far " exorcise evil spirits " and " horny form implement " . 1982, in Hubei museum of the city that save chaste tree clears hill of horse of river hill county when grave of a Hunan, the root carve work that discovered period of our country the Warring States " exorcise evil spirits " . It proved working people of our country ancient time creates a carve the fact of work of art.

Through the ablution of historical endless flow, at this late hour of root carve art, had reached a new peak peak. Large quantities of Great Master of art of carve of root carve lover, root innovates ceaselessly, rolled out an another high-quality goods. But same question also places in us before, coessential the product that turn also comes much also, oneself think the high-quality goods of high-quality goods, unmanned however make inquires, investment of the carve that make a root and the public figure that collect also withdraw partly. On the other hand, the root carve of day price and carve of much support root get rich the news that become rich often also sees Zhu Baoduan. So how to come true truly bear the weight of the sale of the root carve of distinctive and artistic form? This kind of management mode of net of culture of Chinese root carve may offer the solution quite.

The operator of net of culture of Chinese root carve, it is the development that pursues a carve, woodcarving with the means of brand shop and sale all the time so, through fumbling for years, opened oneself sale channel gradually. 2007, developed network of culture of Chinese root carve, china this traditional culture art moved Internet, its sales revenue grew considerably 2007, for the tradition artistic development rose to urge action certainly. About how carve of these essence of life the high-quality goods of fine carve is pushed to the market, move toward international, its controller plum the director tells us so:

One, the fixed position of the product

Of root carve make can divide roughly for two kinds of types, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting and realistically, if raise a gender as edify sentiment, cultivate one's morality only, stem from the passion to establishing a root, "3 minutes artificial, 7 minutes of days are become " give no cause for more criticism, draw materials of make use of condition, like nature itself, the basis cultivates the appearance of the root, add slightly decorate, a blame that be like an elephant is resembled, the work that provides lasting appeal extremely can appear, we often also see such high-quality goods, but the market is cruelty, people is different to beautiful understanding, the point of view of appreciation is different, you think extremely god-given material is qualitative, appearance or special the root carve that resembles some kind of configuration, but may worthless in people look, pile cheap firewood namely, collector and investor won't favor.
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