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Old teacher is obsessed with a carve to reject to take money decide on awards th
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Old teacher is obsessed with a carve to reject to take money decide on awards through discussion
■ civil / Wang Chunyan of reporter of graph our newspaper
Wu Zhenwen old person of 78 years old was taking husband or wife to do 18 years this year root carve. Come 18 years, old two energy all old age throw this hardships and in the art that your person is intoxicated extremely, in about 500 work that create in them, ased if to be gifted life, follow like baby old two are followed closely. Old two do not join any institute organizations, very few also ginseng is exhibited, everything what what they do is only enjoy art.
Half a lifetime gives after a carve
Old teacher unexpectedly crazy fan
Wu Zhenwen old person is the art teacher of golden state high school formerly, however what he himself says no less than: "My artistic potential gets play is to be in truly after retiring. " go up century 90 time are emeritus old, just had some of not know what to do in the begining, be worth the golden state ancient city with long history to be faced with at that time tear open change, he wanders in Gu Cheng, eventually in one bicentenary Gu Shuzhong found artistic inspiration.
Lian Wu is old oneself also did not think of, he is artistic to root carve loved to be able to arrive a kind of enthusiastic condition. Once the street austral Gucheng has an old general merchandise one clearing has a 200 old Chinese toon to cultivate. When old general merchandise tears open change, wu Laoyi is defended continuously in Gu Shupang, he begs worker of capital construction line to dig tree root some more thoroughly as far as possible. That day in the evening, the Gu Shugen that he weighs many jins 1000 uses home of barrow carry back, excitement must not sleep overnight. He is looking this one big Tuo up and down to establish a root like admiring baby, observe repeatedly think repeatedly, through carve of nearly 1 year, burnish, glazing, eventually its fashion into one honour as if to dive and fall from inside sky " fall dragon " .
Had better root material 34 years
Enjoying artistic suffering also is sweet
In golden state division in the home of old person of 81 community Wu Zhenwen, displaying the root carve work with a lot of large little volume. often say, what he likes most is one honour 2.2 meters tall " Xinjiang girl " . often say, this root material is originally near bazaar of ancient city democracy, it is a 200 old black hornbeam, from hear over there should tear open change to begin, he sees that tree everyday, in succession looked 34 years to also did not tear open change, because friend did not go,is him for some time later, result here tears open change in this paragraph of time, wu Laoyin this regretted for a long time. Interesting is, passed 3 years, this Gu Shugen is sent in perfect condition actually before native place door, be fond of so that establish a root, he believes he cultivates a root to have lot with this. Original, there is a Du Mou to like a carve in making the capital construction group that tears open change at the outset, he discovers the tree root of this black hornbeam is a good root material, save it rise. Later prevent free of some this root material is donative old. Later, wu Zhenwen used 3 years of time, this the carve that establish a root became a dress to spend the dress to have the Xinjiang girl of dance lightly.
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