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Xinjiang silicon changes wooden Tibet to taste top quoted price 1.68 million
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The city of the 2nd Wuhan that holds in park of violet in relief lake is strange exposition of art of miniascape of stone root carve, kick off 7 days, already clinched a deal 2 million yuan. Yesterday, according to sponsorring square introduction, should exhibit can attract 100 thousand person-time to collect lover to look around not only, and those who detonated lover of Wuhan city artwork collect enthusiasm.

A Tibet tastes top quoted price 1.68 million

Yesterday, the reporter is in exhibit meeting site to see, silicon of a Xinjiang changes wooden Tibet to taste, sell a quote 1.68 million yuan. Exhibit in another, a few still raw jade, mark a price to also be in tens of 10 thousand.  
So high price, whether is somebody bought? Province antique and Wu Zhenshuo of vice-chairman of artwork chamber of commerce say, artwork is collected, basically see the eye that buys the home and appreciate level, bet was opposite, content exceeds a value, bet a fault, can hand in only " tuitional " .  
Wu Biao is shown, artwork of these a few high price, be not at present did not buy the home, have experience buy the home, general metropolis first wait-and-see, less than finally, won't move easily absolutely.  

Artwork becomes investment new popular

It is reported, exhibit this meeting, attracted not only large quantities of " hang ophthalmology " audience, also attracted a lot of collect lover, exhibit can kick off 7 days, already clinched a deal 2 million yuan.  
Of lake of fierce prosperous fruit paying a young lady is an enterprise white-collar, exhibit this in the meeting, she picked head of a few gravelstone meticulously, peace of some be similar in shape are columbine, leveret of some be similar in shape. Pay a young lady to express, oneself like adornment very much, as to value, not too care about.  
But, more people are willing to will be collected more regard as kind of economy of a kind of investment. Mr Peng of ancient Tian Erlu cleans out water of a Guangxi to develop stone, look like frog, he is bought finally with 10 thousand yuan high price. Mr Peng expresses, find such strange stone very god-given, stone is resource model artwork, the more unusual thing, appreciate potential is greater. "This stone, even if 20 thousand I also can be bought. Even if 20 thousand I also can be bought..
According to Introduction Wu Zhenshuo, artwork can develop the artistic appreciate standard of people not only, still can bring money to the person, it is a kind of way that invests conduct financial transactions, artist of since of the person that so artwork is collected, it is investment expert. It is reported, recently 5 years, appreciation of Guangxi big fossil is 20 times closer, appreciation of Shi Ye of Inner Mongolia desert ten times, hubei 3 gorge stone, the price also turned over 35 times. Origin: Business of the Yangtse River signs up for