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Ramble tourist of the meeting that spend rich queues up with group photo of carv
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Painting and calligraphy of the carve of day price root, match that climb rock, a person of academic or artistic distinction... the 4th Hua Bo can roll out series activity yesterday, attracted 60 thousand much tourist, among them, come from Vietnam value the large root carve of 2.88 million appears first, attract the cue since citizen platoon to contend for get along with its group photo. The organizing committee announces at the same time, as the exhibits an area Ba Yu outdoor amorous feelings garden will be in exhibit meeting hind to be opened freely.

Carve of day price root spends rich personally now can

The exhibition yesterday, one value 2.88 million yuan day valence

Pedagogic orchid chooses furnace

"Work of a person of academic or artistic distinction of countrywide painting and calligraphy invites exhibit " also pull open heavy curtain yesterday. Subsequently, one of grand operas of the meeting that spend rich -- pedagogic orchid is chosen choosing through the network, after audience spot polls and the expert is chosen, congeneric the four seasons orchid of breed " lotus element " and " gold-rimmed horsetail " these two kinds of orchid win out finally.

800 thousand buy " cultivate Cheng Lin alone "

Yesterday morning, in outfield of room of the conference that spend rich large tree exhibits an area, the reporter sees one is known as " cultivate Cheng Lin alone " arboreous, be from double edition accept introduces the banyan of high mountain great part of a historical period that come on the west, value 800 thousand yuan. Hua Bo meets a staff member to say, after this kind of big Xie Rong is grown, the area that bough covers can amount to hundreds of square metre, resemble a forest same, this tree by Nashan arboretum up to the price of 800 thousand is ordered. Reporter Liang Peng