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The root carve actor in coal nest
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Lofty peaceful Shanxi thes foot of a hill or mountain, bank of north of water of leisurely short of Wenshui River, on the red-letter day of the first peach blossom that the fat city that is known as a haven of peace runs, have high thin poor young person, roam in gorgeous Hua Haizhong, he did not browse bright-coloured peach blossom, however double entered exhibition hall of root carve art. A when exhibit in the hall lifelike, desire rise high into the air and assemble of the poll before the megalosaurus that fly is moved, what people all without exception highly praises this work is elegant. Just when people praises unceasingly when, the youth walked over, "The author that he is this work " , people casts favorable eye to this youth. He is famous root carve actor or artist -- Li Jing of a of open coal mine of contented of group of fat city mining industry average miner army.

The work of carve of the first root of Li Jing army is a run wolf, for this work he did not suffer less. Because amount of labor of the job below the well is big, go to work 8 hours, add bathe change clothes with respect to ten hours, but he ignores fatigue, return the home to had eaten a meal to feel a tool to work, TV also did not look, working is a few hours, till midnight at 12 o'clock. Occasionally one not careful burin is with respect to meeting jab on the hand, blood flows continuously, li Jing army only a finger has endured 8 knives, at this moment he just understands a carve is good-looking and bad vulture, however he of eager to do well in everything insisted to come down with a kind of emulative spirit, dig the life of the under cover in giving tree root from which.

Li Jing army off hours complete pour into arrives on clinging to root carve art pursuit. After people comes off work, TV watchs in the home, play cards, and he busies however search raw material and carve of the root that make. Come a few years, his footmark spreads all over the volume mountain range of Tai'an periphery. To improve root carve skill further, he often takes out the salary with him not much amount to to look around to learn and send work to go out to countrywide each district take part in the match, bought a large number of relevant books to read, in order to enrich oneself artistic connotation.

Have pay can have get one's own back. 2005, li Jingjun's work " alone horny animal " because modelling is peculiar, did not add decorate, the gold prize that like nature itself won Shandong to save red-letter day of art of carve of the 4th root. Come a few years, li Jingjun rises ceaselessly as root carve craft, " search feed " , " fly " , " the person's first ancestor " wait for work to be in province, city of each district exhibit large award is won repeatedly on the meeting.

Nowadays, close already not of be puzzled year Li Jingjun is worth artistic autumn, in prospective day, the root carve art that he can carve him meticulously with perseverance and wisdom life...

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