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Du Shengzhang is right the friendly feelings that establishs a root
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Be slack season season, du Shengzhang of villager of Du Jiacun of the town before place is arranged in the home full the tree root of one room. Wear soon should move new home, collect ten years come digging the tree root that come is him cannot abandon " sweet heart " . See this, the verve of part red-crowned crane; See that paragraph, be like an eagle wing to have strength very much... in his eye, these tree roots have clever energy of life, via his Shi Long, with respect to the birds and beasts that can become lifelike.

80 time begin the century on like to move back and forth the Du Shengzhang that establishs a root ever was the factory director that the village runs root art plant, return the person that took a batch of handicraft skill. Later, root art factory was disbanded, although Laodu returned hill in, but the friendly feelings to establishing a root never discontinuous over- .

In student times, art achievement of Du Shengzhang is particularly good. He says: "Perhaps be to be born in hill, long in hill, the tree that looks at hill to go up every day ah, careless, saw feeling. " with this feeling, 40 come for years, he is self-taught, the root that use a tree makes chair, table, flower wearing and various decorations. Laodu says: "It is difficult that root carve says, ' 7 minutes of days are become, 3 minutes artificial ' , the feeling was opposite, material was opposite, handle a little, about came out. " feeling and material are the thing that cannot importune, those associate that are in root art factory to do a carve together with Laodu in those days people abandoned doing a carve almost, only Laodu holds to up to now.

In hill serve gets red bayberry tree, tea tree when, laodu sees bare tree root can stop look up and down look up and down; When farm work noes hurry, old Du Hui takes a scoop to dig a day in hill. Laodu says: "Root of very much old tree is dug up to become in 60 time bavin was burned, regrettablly ah. Now, the tree root on the hill before place suits to make a few red-crowned crane only mostly ah, eagle ah, and the beast that does 4 feet touchdown is not quite good draw materials. " even if is to do fowl, having a lot of also is together piece medley become. Qualitative, size wants medley appearance, capable person appropriate. "Got a very good eagle wing this, but another wing may want when the ability after a lot of years ' encounter ' on. So the old man establishing a root here just is met so much, waiting ' match model ' . " Laodu laugh path, "Every tree root makes the one part of work possibly, hate to part with throw! Hate to part with throw!!

At present, there is to be about to take off in Laodu's courtyard " lanneret " . Be free when, old Du Hui takes burin write in an ornate style one time. Laodu says, the end of the year is about in finishing new home, the room that has a 10 square metre will become his root carve atelier. This tree root of full house the past is moved again after arranging, he wants well serve to do a few new work.
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