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Giant Carved "occupied" stall food market stalls and uncompromising property
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"Put food markets where, overnight, made by a giant tree root tea accounted for." Yesterday morning, the Chaohu Lake Road, west of the vegetable market in a tea stall the market to reflect the Anhui Daily, a large tea in root carving stalls selling vegetables, and block their view, accounting for their set menu space, affecting the business. 7 morning, reporters in the markets see a high of about 2 meters of large root tea stalls erected on the cement, accounting for two or three meters of stalls, tea stalls selling vegetables on both sides. A stall that they shut the shop on Saturday afternoon, If we can not the root carving, on Sunday morning to farms, it is already here. "So big things are certainly put in the booth of our business." According to stall holders say, tea is a firm to sell out, and placed before the entrance of the firm, most recently after consulting businesses and property owners, property to put in tea stalls selling vegetables on the cement. Stand owners, said the property company has been put to tea stalls selling vegetables, aimed at the business purpose of stand owners, let them take the initiative to leave. "Because business is bad markets, many stall holders are gone, so the property would like to change the tea market here, but we do not want to go, the property will be an unwise move." Selling eggs boss said, presumably even if the property allows vegetable stall on the swing so much tea should also receive booth fee, but in fact the property did not charge. Yesterday afternoon, in the tea market in the property company, said a female staff person in charge is not in the afternoon. According to her, placed in tea stalls has been empty stalls, put tea does not affect the other stall holders. She said that currently do not put tea stall fees, but only temporary charge. According to its introduction, the property is not allowed to sell vegetables, but vegetables are not subject to unified management of the stall. "There are many empty stalls markets, many of the existing stall just rented a booth, yet they occupy two stalls in the area, their appropriation of the empty stalls." The staff member said, put in an empty tea stalls, the stall holders would not be able to put the food stalls, which would then be under unified management. (