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Redwood ridiculously expensive boutique: a more expensive BMW Gendiao
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An eight wooden horses, 168 million; a palace chairs, 130 million; a wooden square table, 110 million; a wooden Avalokitesvara, 32 million ... ... Do not staggering, do not stunned. Yesterday, Qintai Road in Chengdu fine appreciation of a mahogany conference, there is a group of the total value of tens of millions of wooden furniture, "airborne" Chengdu. Even the high price of a single product to the general people can not imagine, but the collection of players is stroke play, away. "8 horses", 1.68 million Yesterday, Redwood Collector Association Professional Committee of Sichuan Province, held an anniversary celebration, and bring about "years of Chengdu's highest" quality mahogany Appreciation. Appreciation of the treasures at the Town Council, is an "eight-horse" root carving. Eight horses or Pentium, or scream, or look back, different patterns, but a harmonious one, unrestrained Toshihaya. Looked carefully, carving fine detail, the grass, horse mane, all amazing. Obtaining the material more difficult to rare - Hainan carved pear old roots! Thus, this respect for the "Eight Horse" price also reached a staggering 168 million yuan. A set of tables and chairs 1,300,000 A simple style palace furniture, technology as "Eight horses" complex, but the price is comparable, 1.3 million yuan! Redwood introduced professional committee Xiao Desheng, 2 wood chairs - Hainan pear, the market price is about 5,000 yuan / jin, together with a table, about 300 jin with wood. Endangered Hainan pear known as "national treasures in the species of wood", is extremely difficult to become useful, growing up to a thousand years. Coupled with its own "Gui Yan," there is no paint fill the gap of the beautiful patterns in the eyes of collectors has been highly respected, the price is high. The net worth of millions of carefully touch the tables and chairs, a player joked: "take it easy this bench, or sit Po Ma Anyi it?" Red mahogany wood is not equal to How to buy mahogany furniture, Xiao Desheng reminded points: First, go to regular stores to buy, pay attention to save the proof of purchase; Second, novice, accompanied by the best experts in your line identification; Third, the time of purchase, be sure to fully check the furniture, "is not red colored wood, called mahogany furniture, "we should learn to identify species.