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Fun Xian Bao States Expo China Pavilion unveiled million fine root carving
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Shen carvings of ancient worth millions, "Xianbao" China Pavilion, Expo presented to the Columbia Museum of 3.5 kg weight emerald "Treasure", the British Museum contains the seeds will be left to acrylic rods World Expo Shanghai China ... ... into the "tail" , national pavilions offer competition "Expo treasure", have 6 months of "Expo memory" command to carefully written in the CBD. Parties offering "Expo treasure" dazzling variety. National Institute of root carving art of the latest donation to the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo 2 million dollars worth of ancient Shen wood carving --- "good fortune" and "Confucius", will showcase its permanent museum in China, so at home and abroad for more visitors to share in the Museum's renewal, evaluation of this ancient oriental art of sculpture. Columbia Museum of the ingenuity with precious emeralds produced a 3.5 kilogram respect "Treasure" (the World Expo mascot), to thank the Shanghai World Expo will provide a better platform for the display of Colombia. Spanish Pavilion (online Spanish Pavilion) The latest revealed, there are some companies or institutions to buy a museum "greatest treasures" - 6.5 meters tall and the "millet baby", but the museum is more willing to "millet baby" to stay in Shanghai, into the Expo Hall. Although some of the Expo pavilions will leave not yet clear what "Baby", but have expressed a "stay treasure" intent. British Museum spokesman Callander already revealed to the media, the British Government would not "sell" pavilion, the museum's 60,000 constitute the seed contains a transparent acrylic rod, will be split after the Expo, and presented to the Some Chinese schools. Chief representative of the United States Pavilion Villarreal is revealed after the World Expo, the U.S. House plans to donate something of value to China's non-profit organizations such as charitable foundations. Ke Liu Russian curator Alexander Aliyev also revealed in the hope that the shape of fruit all over the house, the shape of a giant windmill Dragonfly "Russian fairy tale" to stay in the east coast of the Huangpu River. For the World Cup particularly at this Expo is touted South African Museum, "remain treasure" of the popular candidate.恩科萨扎娜 Dlamini Zuma Minister of the Interior of South Africa has revealed, "After the Shanghai World Expo, South Africa, part of the exhibit hall is expected to 'move' to a museum in China." In addition to material on the "Expo treasure", the World Expo, the Chinese national pavilion has quietly left a lot of invisible "Wealth Expo": Finnish Museum of the United States the world's advanced clean technology experts; Swedish Museum held a "harmonious and Sweden Health Forum "to discuss the world's most cutting-edge medical and health development programs; Denmark travel more than 80 days at home surrounded by half the globe came to Expo to display the" green energy "driving the unmanned vehicles ... ... these shows to enrich the multi-angle Chinese officials, academics, the general public view of the results obtained Bo. 20, the last 2 months of the U.S. Pavilion and the Museum of Chinese provinces Interlibrary joint cultural exchange project came to an end, 16 American college students from China, with 16 young people in different provinces, with close-Expo platform exchange, the United States "Expo diplomacy" leave "the fruits of friendship." Ambassador of Mali An American student, wrote in his blog: "Museum in Jiangsu Province to experience local culture and history of the day, I of this region of culture, art, historical sites, especially for local people to enhance understanding of many, nothing short of Americans in the 'Jiangsu experts' of. "