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There is a root carve to confuse in channel
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Army village presses down door head channel army village village Li Chaoming of old person of 7 a period of ten days, 20 be engaged in root carve art creating for years, it is time and again in the match bear the palm, root carve brought boundless joy to the old person.

Li Chaoming sees first, the impression that gives a person is health, happy, he 70 years old looks like 50 years old. Walk into the siheyun of the old person, be surrounded by great artistic atmosphere place instantly. On desk, on cabinet top, central heating, it is lifelike root carve work everywhere. Fair ……“ of Su Wu shepherd, old longlived person, traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women, aid since began to make a carve 1994, I had done about a hundred, a lot of sent close friends, had not sold. ” as area of door head channel thing of root art beautiful assistant manager grows, city root art assistant manager thing, the root that Li Chaoming old person holds to to attend the whole nation and Beijing to hold art the match, and for many times bear the palm. “ is this year nearly one most will attend Beijing arboretum in April the 10th root art is exhibited win a gold prize. ”Speak of ” of Living Buddha of world of aid of “ of work of this bear the palm, still have paragraph of story, this year in March, the old person is in village on the west river side go for a walk, discovered channel edge has an one foot how long truncal having pretty good curve. Old person general this cut is truncal collect come home, abluent, hope the move is truncal irregular appearance, he thought of aid is official. Then old person carve, grind, quarter, brush, cast, forgot excitedly to have a meal, sleep, after 3 days eventually one honour lifelike aid is official appear before people.

“ root carve is a kind of fun to me, I was accomplished truly old somewhat happy. ” old person says. He what be born in coloured glaze old and well-known family, besides root carve, still like product of picture of the clay sculpture, glass that make, coloured glaze.