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Happy event greet county of Beijing Olympic Games hero work of carve of root of
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In Baoding of new Heibei net electric Baoding is male on July 17 countryside of prefectural dragon bay Dong Bingtang of old person of 7 a period of ten days likes Hu Gezhuang village root carve carved stone, root carve work already was completed since retiring from 1998 more than 200. When Beijing Olympic Games is about to kick off, he still created the work of subject matter of a group of concerned Olympic Gameses, be blessed with what this will convey pair of Beijing Olympic Games and expect.

On July 11, inside the hall of root carve Xiaozhan that is in Home Dong Bingtang, the old person says the creation experience that had his. Retire from prefectural culture house direct old, cultural relic brushwork and photography ever had been done before, have certain artistic cause.

Ten years ago, he buys the root material of all sorts of a batch of appearance accidentally, the Dong Bingtang at that time sees these root material produced rich art to associate, wish to turn each tree root into the root carve work that has appeal immediately. These 7 crooked the 8 trees that twist the root can be become direct old “ baby ” , the house of the county is not put, he these root material all carry back rural native place, a person began hard root carve creative work. After the message that is informed Chinese Shen Ao to succeed from TV, dong Bingtang is excited unceasingly, the decision seeks the root carve data that concerns with the Olympic Games, the carve that use a root comes to those who convey his receive abstruse favour.

Behave project of Olympic Games match to can come with root carve art, direct often read a lot of reference material that concern with craft of carve of Olympic Games, root, to seek suitable root capable person, he still runs to southern choose and buy for many times, and at any time the root material of advertent periphery. Pay always have get one's own back, below his effort, " discus throw person " , " go all out in work " wait for work of carve of Olympic Games root in succession figuration. Direct often say, his most satisfactory work is " discus throw person " , whole work abounds move feeling, labor force is waited for hair, the aesthetic feeling of extremely rich motion.
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