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The root that dig a tree not actor of carve of environmental protection root cha
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Picture of work of copy root carve by suffer the person that visit to offer

Collect from Pu Lan flourish of inn city abundant is street long birthday community

If “ says root carve work meets those who become future collect article, so the artwork that work of copy root carve can become beautification city. ” this is a word that Li Chaodong of root carve actor says. And his root carve that dream even if learns with oneself is artistic, creation gives work of carve of more copy root, beautification city environment, beautification the life of people.

[Jing becomes aware] “ asks for ” to establish a root not environmental protection

The Li Chaodong that lives in general orchid inn loves art as a child. Accidental opportunity, li Chaodong saw carve of a root pursues, he was attracted deeply. 1984, li Chaodong begins to collect tree root, trying to carve. “ that moment just is become a hobby. Until sent magazine company his root carve photo once, did not think of to be ascended unexpectedly, I at a draught with respect to in high spirits. ” Li Chaodong tells a reporter to say. 2000, his work " charm of Cao Xueqin pen " in the whole nation root art work is exhibited on won a gold prize.

The main means that Li Chaodong obtains root carve data is: The choice curiums again next expose outer tree root. Tree root is very big to the growing influence of the tree, this kind of method can is opposite undoubtedly the tree causes negative effect. Li Chaodong is made " charm of Cao Xueqin pen " when, went around group of hill of general orchid inn to find proper material. “ for that work, I searched 5 days on hill, found 20 material to also use 5 only finally. It is on one hand it is more and more difficult to look for raw material, is on the other hand more and more advocate environmental protection. I do not think redo digs the wild thing that establishs a root. ” Li Chaodong explains why he takes route of traditional root carve no longer.

[Breakthrough] cement replaces tree root to do ” of “ root carve

Li Chaodong's friend left domestic miniascape to machine mill, ask Li Chaodong to help. When carving miniascape, li Chaodong had inspiration, can replace tree root to make raw material with cement, do not need to dig tree root again so. “ raw material chooses tree root is a basis the appearance that establish a root undertakes creating, choice cement can be created independently. On sculpture, two are a way. ” Li Chaodong speaks him to do the feasibility of copy root carve.
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