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The elder brother of a dab hand abstains desk calendar of carve of Olympic Games
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The reporter sees, each make elegant desk calendar divide 13 pieces in all, zhang Dou and each Olympic Games are concerned. Cover name is ” of “ emperor fire, it is the picture of athlete root carve of a piece of high internal heat that lift emperor; The name was “ kylin ” January, design also is the root carve modelling of the kylin in fokelore, delegate “ auspicious blessing, auspicious sign, auspicious the meaning of ” . The front of each pieces of page number is ground lines with auspicious cloud, match with pictures of all sorts of root carve modelling, and the poetic flavour explanation to root carve; The opposite of page number still can treat as album deposits a photograph. Mr Yang tells a reporter, begin from last year, he begins to design desk calendar, arrive from conception make spent near one year of time. Since the first made desk calendar give a friend wide suffer reputably later, more and more the inspiration that aroused him. Then, mr Yang buys desk calendar case from terminal market, the root carve that comes to oneself be made meticulously for years next pats a photograph to print, choose piece among them 13 most elegant pieces, in setting desk calendar, part corresponding cover and 12 corresponding month. Especially the ” of “ emperor fire of cover, originate on behalf of “ ancient, inheritance at future, from barren ancient, illuminate today ” , mr Yang says, this is not the true portraiture of fire of Olympic Games emperor? Mr Yang tells a reporter, oneself are a taxi driver, root carve is his one large interest, beautiful idea designs desk calendar of these carve of Olympic Games root, it is to give an Olympic Games to cheer. Be in not long ago, mr Yang still donates such 100 desk calendar disaster area.