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Cane of carve of some round root that make draws frontier defence of the river t
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This group is stationed in go in for sth in a large scale in An Ling, here Shangaolin is close, information is out-of-the-way. Officers and soldiers are agelong with big hill associate with, stay together with bound river, culture life is very flat. However, the frontier defence officers and soldiers of unwilling loneliness discovered the United States in doleful forest however. Look at everywhere yes deadwood burl, officers and soldiers break out crank: With them the handicraft that make is tasted, will reveal concept of a kind of culture, be to was green barback to add a beautiful beautiful colour? Then, “ acclaims for the Olympic Games ” gives priority to a problem dark emerge as the times require of activity of the craft picture match that make. Once the announcement is given out, each frontier defence is answered actively repeatedly, hold water in succession dark craft picture makes a group. On Sunday, holiday, the hill on officers and soldiers is collected come wicker, bark and withered root, buy the burin, tool such as forceps from stationer store, the little activity that make was done livelily.

Can reflect Olympic Games theme already, do not break artistic level again, composition of a picture is to make dark the key that craft draws. Arctic village 4 approach a theme continuously repeatedly, the decision makes the large handicraft that with the Olympic Games meeting banner gives priority to tone taste, by deputy political instructor Liu Kun is thick take on with soldier Wang Lingshuai, Wang Chao this. Suffer after getting the job, they 3 people design good design very quickly, an emulsion, stick on rice regards white banner as the bottom, mix with black rice, ormosia, gram, soya bean again next catch blue soya bean the 5 annulus of mosaic and different color, two side are to use sawdust torch of stickup Cheng Xiangyun and Olympic Games emblem, the subject is outstanding, the characteristic is bright, give a person with extensive the feeling of grand air. Most special is, work all around all use willow section is stickup and into, form arrange a orderly together a floret, enchase the frame in work to go up, promoted work view and admire gender and artistic quality. Liu Kun is thick greatly feeling ground says: “ whole work is us 3 people bend over to use tweezers on the ground stickup go up. Make the 5 annulus mark with one lasting big toe, need 40 minutes about. One the world comes, officers and soldiers often tired dazed hand hemp, two arms ache slightly. ” but the honor that thinks of Beijing Olympic Games, think of the motherland today's powerful and prosperous, we issue boundless power with respect to spurt. “ sees the look that they are very happy with it, most propbably is full of appeal and joy among them.

4 Lian Sen craft draw work to exhibit, attracted the author's eyeball. The work of all sorts of subject matter inside the exhibition hall hangs full wall, reflect Olympic Games theme among them have 15, 6. Have the Olympic Games place such as water cubic metre, bird's nest, have the Olympic Games sign such as 5 annulus, have a ball kind, these work all use the athletic project …… such as fire tree, the forest material such as bark is made and become, image is clear, elegant and chic, give a person the enjoyment with the United States. Work of catchword of a group of Olympic Gameses shows originality, officers and soldiers uses pine ball piece ably stickup into “ same a world, same good athlete of China of a dreamy ” , “ surelies win spirit of Olympic Games of ” , “ always puts a ray ” , “ I move I am happy the model of written characters such as ” , stick in with willow paragraph go all out to go up to good layout, of the word all around enchase gram, after looking, your person clap cries absolutely.
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