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Collect lover 5 years collect bottle of on 1000 pottery and porcelain
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On July 20, when market of new painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style knows Feng Xingui, the bottle of pottery and porcelain that he collects caused a reporter interview a desire. Interview twice early or late, in the length of 4 hours the reporter in talking discovers, this folk that comes from admire city collects lover, from 2003 up to now, collect bottle of all sorts of on 1000 formative pottery and porcelain in all. Speak of these Tibet tasting, feng Xingui says, have the bottle of pottery and porcelain of artistic value through collecting these, his mood is extremely happy.

Bottle of pottery and porcelain gets married in baby

That day morning 9 when make, walk into the home of Feng Xingui of Taurus bridge road, those who greet reporter eye is to collect article, besides bottle of all sorts of pottery and porcelain, still calligraphy and painting, copper cash, china waits. Original, that is the Tibet that before he is collecting bottle, likes article.

Feng Xingui says, before 2003, he plays in admire city all the time collect, overlook the liquor bottle that pottery and porcelain makes at that time. One day, he sees a news on a newspaper, saying is the liquor bottle that somebody of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan collects pottery and porcelain to make, this Tibet is tasted have collect latent capacity. Watched this news, feng Xingui began those who note this respect to collect.

Just began, feng Xin Guidou is buy to the family in the hotel, feel sheet and hotel connection do not close to compare special liquor bottle later, begin to be contacted with a few brewery then. "Almost weekly metropolis is contacted 9 times with them, if they roll out the bottle of new form, with respect to meeting announcement I notice to collect. " Feng Xingui says, want the bottle that feels very special only, he can be bought come back, especially the liquor bottle that blue and white porcelain of a few copy makes.

The Tibet that the bottle of pottery and porcelain that Guangxi produces also is Feng new Gui Xihuan is tasted, in his home, placing a few to be formative liquor bottle with timbal of Guangxi Dong Lan, the timbal graph lines of body is lively and distinct, taking grumous Guangxi nation breath. The liquor bottle that with can be being exhibited the center is prototype another is very special, white body, appear grave and easy.

  Collect 1000 liquor bottle

Come 5 years, feng Xingui already collected bottle of on 1000 liquor, in putting the home in admire city for the most part. Regretful is, because this is collected,still belong to in Guangxi " burgeoning industry " , in admire city only two Tibet friend is communicated with him.

In March 2008 portion, the bottle of a few pottery and porcelain that new laurel is taking Feng to collect comes Nanning is examined collect the market, there is friend of many 10 Tibet here the liquor bottle that collecting pottery and porcelain to make, then take root Nanning.
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