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Wine kind collect gradually make good expert reminds participate in want discret
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Xinhua net Harbin on August 28 special telegram (reporter Liang Dong) what invest heat as calligraphy and painting, coin is arisen, wine kind collect also gradually make good. The expert reminds, as a result of wine kind in save reach change to trade now respect existence is difficult, collect lover having alcoholic drink kind discretion answers when collecting.

Renown liquor that in Heilongjiang the province held a few days ago collects appreciate to be able to go up, edition of Tibet of Cang Zhen of a Beijing University " old gun wine " a wine was caused in place kind collect upsurge. This " often gun wine

"This is current China wine only kind an epitome that collects the market. " to collect carefully edition " old gun wine " sell like hot cakes, li Yongqing of director of association of brew of the vice-president of branch of liquor of Chinese brew association that attends this second name wine to collect appreciate to meet, Heilongjiang does not feel accident.

He tells a reporter, chinese liquor introduces collect investment market, only then Yu Qingdao is smooth the tribute wine of 25. 1996, when old plant of brewery of Ling Chuan of bright and beautiful city removes, 4 vessel flourishing wine that send disinter to hide at underground 151 years -- wooden wine sea, name Guang Nian 5 tribute wine. Special performance auction was met on October 26, 1999 on, every 500 milliliter is highest clinch a deal valence is 30 thousand yuan. And the renown wine sale that held in Chongqing last year is met on, the 5 grain fluid that left factory a bottle 1985 is final with 2. 20 thousand yuan clinch a deal, was to create the price after 22 years to appreciate more 5000 collect myth multiply.

A particular year of wine to collecting person very important. Than as above century price is in the 5 grain fluid of 80 time brew and Maotai now 3000 yuan go to 9000 yuan, of the brew after 90 time price goes to 2000 yuan in 1000 yuan now, among them, the Maotai below coequal condition is a bit more expensive than 5 grain fluid.

Although wine kind collect can bring rich and generous redound to the person that collect, dan Liyong Qing Dynasty still reminds lover to have alcoholic drink kind discretion wants when collecting. Because at present our country returns what did not secure to collect wine kind trade platform, wine kind change it is not quite easy to show, when be being collected consequently, answer to wait for a wine to give priority to with fluid of Maotai, 5 grain more. In the meantime, wine kind collect want special attention to save, liquor container wants with pottery and porcelain or glasswork had better, bishop container with oak bucket advisable, depositing an environment had better be subterranean wine cellar. (be over) (editor: Li Jianping)

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