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Search treasure to search blue and white porcelain of kiln giving an official
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Last week 6 (on August 9) , by culture ministry art judge estimate committee, Sichuan saves collector association and tiger of Sichuan province dream to auction limited company to be held jointly " western treasure of ancient bronze mirror " large collect appreciate activity to be in building of dream tiger big tea is held ceremoniously, the early in the morning of the person that collect that comes from and other places of guest of this world of Chengdu, continous, heart this world, Le Shan, appropriate is embraced full the treasure of ancient bronze mirror of 600 much square metre the spot, after passing at 9 o'clock, ground of unable to hold oneself back thinks more and more people that hold treasure to receive the expert's appraisal as early as possible, sponsor Fang Li to decide to begin activity of treasure of ancient bronze mirror ahead of schedule namely, the treasure of ancient bronze mirror that began at 10 o'clock surely formerly was started 9:30. Although the person is very much, dan Jianbao's order is very good, after the person that hold treasure enters room of treasure of ancient bronze mirror, the expert of treasure of ancient bronze mirror of each class is treasure of appraisal of the person that hold treasure meticulously seriously. The person that hold treasure can know Tibet is tasted clearly not only the result is reviewed first, still can acquire many collecting knowledge. "Western treasure of ancient bronze mirror " the red-letter day that made the person that collect, also became the paradise of the person that hold treasure, return the platform that will provide artwork to invest for investor.

The theme finds treasure: Blue and white porcelain shines brilliantly

"Celebrate Olympic Games · to search ancient bronze mirror of green beautiful · to be tasted really " the theme that is this second activity. Late on August 8, whole world people enjoyed sumptuous dinner of opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games to the top of one's bent, experienced the distinctive glamour of Chinese traditional culture. On the opening ceremony, the dais that Liu Qi of chairman of Luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee, BOCOG speaks and delegate of athlete, ref makes a pledge to use blended in element of blue and white porcelain, caused the special attention that collects group public figure. This year on July 25, BOCOG releases Beijing Olympic Games formal take, officer of technology of its China border (judgment) formal take chose the color of green Hua La that comes from Chinese traditional blue and white porcelain, indicative peace, calm, pure and fresh quietly elegant, additional, before station of city of earth of north of branch line of Beijing Olympic Games has " blue and white porcelain " the passageway of characteristic, the booth of green beautiful element is waited a moment, make the blueness that regards China as traditional culture beautiful the element gets farther raising of things to a higher level.

Green flower says Bai Deqing spends china again, it is to use the cobaltic ore deposit that contains oxidation cobalt to be raw material, grain act the role ofing is depicted on award carcass, again hood a clear frit, classics high temperature is reductive blaze single firing. Blue is shown after cobaltic makings is firing, have tinting strength color of strong, hair is bright-coloured, firing the characteristic that leads stability of tall, quality. Discover specimen of the earliest blue and white porcelain is Tang Dynasty at present, mature blue and white porcelain implement appear in yuan acting, as a result of yuan acting time is short, its blueness is spent very precious rarely, ming Daiqing flower becomes china mainstream to sort the development when acting Kang Yongqian to peak. Period of bright Qing Dynasty, still achieve burned blueness of green glair of green Hua Gongcai, peacock blueness of glair of flower, elder brother spends flower of blueness of green glair of flower, beans, Huang Deqing wait for breed.
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