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Bear arm of bamboo of wrist pillow arm is put aside
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Carve of clear metaphase ivory wells balanced arm of stage pavilion character is put aside
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Ivory arm is put aside

Chinese tradition writes a form is by right to left, wet Chinese ink to prevent an arm, and appeared bear the stationery of wrist pillow arm -- , the arm is put aside. Bamboo piece because of abdomen a bit empty rises, do not offend black, most applicable. The block when making a book wield one's writing brush falls in the arm, prevent ink marks to touch an arm already, summer can prevent paper of ooze of the sweat on the arm, replaceable article is suppressed go up in paper face.
The arm puts an appearance flat a strip shape, in bamboo carving category, it is commonly used stationery, also be those who love by bookman is elegant play, wield one's writing brush, enjoy stroke, lukewarm embellish of with the passing of time and see look; And one of main delegates that bamboo carving arm is put aside is bamboo carving art more, bright, two acting a person of academic or artistic distinction have Qing Dynasty high-quality goods be handed down from ancient times, for example arm of figure of Zhu Sansong's figure is put aside; After clear acting metaphase, bamboo arm puts the position that replaced pen container almost.
The arm is put aside, be in " annals of anything that may be spared " , " study more than dishes of issue " , " Zhu Renlu " in waiting for ancient books, say " secret cabinet " . "Secret cabinet " the orgnaization of archives of a books that is the government office inside ancient time, chinese later by secretary inspect administer; When Han Wei, a high official in ancient China visits the secretary office that is an emperor, so " secret cabinet " the another name that makes province of a high official in ancient China again. It is before paper invention, the books secret that royalty place hides is written down, it is the quarter bamboo that writes a script probably piece, these bamboo that hide in secret cabinet piece, also be called later " secret cabinet " , ming Daizhu engraves the home quarter make the bamboo that uses pillow arm piece, the edge is called " secret cabinet " .
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