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Collect the souvenir that taste · : The different idea that the Olympic Games c
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The Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention has begun, and around Olympic Games concept, business of each country ad, handicraft bound already immediately respond to a news, rolled out the several Olympic Games souvenirs with millions upon millions. Among them papery, cloth pledges, copper is qualitative, jade is qualitative, plastic wait a moment character. The markeddest is newspaper conduct propaganda publishs in great quantities on advertisement greet an Olympic Games, celebrate handicraft of Olympic Games jade article, china handicraft... the architect gives golden idea, fabricant goes out to live absolutely, purchaser draws out silver, everybody is happy greet an Olympic Games, celebrate an Olympic Games, commemorate an Olympic Games.

Before the Olympic Games did not kick off, souvenir of collect Olympic Games is best opportunity, after the Olympic Games kicks off, look for Olympic Games is collected tasting is optimal good chance.

So, what is the Olympic Games is collected article? What is Olympic Games souvenir? In short: Always Olympic Games subject matter, and have the implements that collects value, it is the Olympic Games is collected namely article. Always Olympic Games subject matter, and the implements that has commemorative value, it is Olympic Games souvenir namely.

But the Olympic Games is collected article with Olympic Games souvenir, itself is two Olympic Gameses that blend each other again independently collect a concept, it is clear that this collect lover to must want to understand. Namely: Always all Olympic Gameses are collected article, can say for Olympic Games souvenir; But Olympic Games souvenir is not the Olympic Games that can say to collect article. Be like unlined upper garment of T-shirt of Olympic Games entrance ticket, Olympic Games, olympic Games match uses ping-pong bat to wait, leave print without celebrity, it is common only the person that collect is saved come down, collect those implements that rise, can say only for Olympic Games souvenir. But, if there is Yao Ming to sign on Olympic Games entrance ticket, the medal that match place wears Liu Xiang and wins medal just about takes unlined upper garment of Olympic Games T-shirt, olympic Games match is patted with the ping-pong is the ball that Chinese team Wang Liqin wins Olympic Games medal board, the celebrity print that its leave, have collect value. These collecting article, can attend Beijing Olympic Games to collect exhibit. A certain number of after year, these Olympic Gameses are collected those who taste collect value, meeting and day all rise.

Before kicking off as to the Olympic Games, the price that handicraft businessman promotes extensively several yuan thousands of receive Olympic Games jade article, greet the souvenir such as Olympic Games vase, make the history as Beijing Olympic Games, its market level may cool drop...

Because collect a bound to have the law of an iron: "Content with rare for expensive " , having those who collect value truly is " this one " article, and the commemorative product that batch produces " content is cheap with how " . Unless the souvenir of batch production is the changes as years, factitious attaint, natural fall into disuse, individual a few still save come down, just meet slowly protruding shows his to collect value. That is to say: The Olympic Games is collected article should have historical culture to collect value; And Olympic Games souvenir, want to have commemorative value only. But collect tasting value and souvenir value is two different ideas, cannot promiscuous.
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