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Bright end woodcarving is admired (group plan)
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Boxwood carve pen container of poem of Dong Jichang book, tall 24.8cm, caliber 34.2cm.

Pen container round body, slightly flat, body is huge, buccal edge small batter, canister wall is thick, grave and composed. Wall Xiu black lacquer, mural shade engraves Du Fu of Tang Dynasty poet outside " song of the Eight Immortals in the legend in drink " , have discrepancy with Yuan Shilue:

Know a chapter to ride Ma Shi by ship, fall giddily well benthic Mian.

Your Yang Sandou only then day day, if drink grows whale to suck 100 plain,

Hate does not move a Xiang Jiuquan. Left Xiang Rixing expends 10 thousand money,

Hold a cup of Le Sheng to say to avoid virtuous. Zong Zhixiao asperses Adonis,

The supercilious look that raise wine cup looks at blue sky, before clear and bright faces wind like jade tree.

Before Buddha of embroider of Su Jin permanent abstention from meat, drunk in often be like escape buddhist.

Poem of Li Bai pipeful 100, the emperor breathes out not to go aboard,

Mian of the wineshop on Chang'an city, claim I are the celestial being in wine.

3 cups of careless emperor pass Zhang Xu, before take off one's hat shows a princes and dukes,

Wield one's writing brush fall paper is like cloud and mist. Jiao Sui 5 bottles of Fang Zhuoran,

Talk about Demosthenic Jing high 4 banquet.

Fill inside the word blue, end arrange " its prosperous " paragraph word and imprint " Dong Jichang " , " Zong Baixue person " 2, know its pink to be book of Dong Jichang place originally.

This implement outside knife of carry of mural calligraphy sculpture is like a pen, get sth done without any letup, dripping wet of merry and lively, like be about to break a wall and go out, grace for pen container many.

Hill of celestial being of hardwood engrave carve asks a graph pen container

Hill of celestial being of hardwood engrave carve asks a graph pen container, connect tall 18cm, caliber 14cm, bottom diameter 15.4cm.

Pen container is become with hardwood carve, cylinder type, below bear 3 short sufficient. Private parts of close mouth office engraves a week aberrant " birthday " word, in all 33, close " 33 " auspicious number. Outside island of hill of mural carve celestial being, be born between Shan Yan have Song Bai, wintersweet, Chinese wistaria, glossy ganoderma, cloud drift waves on, lu He is accompanied. Old man of antarctic celestial being sits at hole government office to talk a way, respectful and cautious of expression of the person that ask. Base is roused slightly, vulture Chi Long Wen, 3 sufficient smooth element do not have grain.

This implement give priority to with engrave carve and anaglyph, vulture engrave is plain and strong, with meaning accumulate get victory, provide bright generation to carve the typical style of craft.
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