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"Friend of great river Tibet is allied " establish initiate network formally to
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Dispatch of big a network of waterways

"Friend of great river Tibet is allied " many member meets

On July 26, "Friend of great river Tibet is allied " hold water formally in Zhengzhou. Of this alliance hold water can be Henan first by the netizen of initiative organization collect bound alliance.

"The great river hides friendly alliance " it is one reveals platform to collect what lover offers, it is the figure platform that Henan collects a person! "Friend of great river Tibet is allied " act on harmony sincere letter, cultural relic of treasure of treasure of modest discretion, knowledge, care, boycott is false, the principle that reveals culture of Henan massiness history, establish the figure that Henan collects him person.

In recent years, the flying development of Internet is having main effect to the life of people. Netizens had been been used to shop on the net, fry, information is obtained with release, recreation, job, communication is waited a moment. Although the netizen amount of our country already resided the world the first, but netizen dimensions continues to appear continuously the tendency that high speed develops. According to the report of CNNIC indication China netizen amounts to 253 million " CNNIC: ?.53 of Zhu Xun of discharge   world of 100 million house the first " . And what circumstance is the use of Internet collects a bound in antique? It is to want relatively a few more unfamiliar, because collect the age on the high side of lover mostly,this is, having repellent mentality to Internet. But the advantage of Internet to them it is a tremendous temptation more. This also forces one part to hide friend to accept Internet information to spread way.

"Friend of great river Tibet is allied " one of organizers " the heart is between landscape " tell a reporter, present antique market is hotter than wanting before a few years a lot of, this rises with what people material lives cannot leave, of material rise sure the pursuit that promotes pair of spirit to go up. The life is good, there was spare cash in people bag, can more investment reach interested place, or it is to think antique market is more appropriate him conduct financial transactions invests. Also because such, the person that make a few black heart make a holiday had a space. Our " friend of great river Tibet is allied " in have numerous antique group senior personage, come by them and netizen fake of an eliminate the false and retain the true, boycott, learn jointly, the health that maintains antique market jointly develops.
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