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Investment of Olympic Games commemorative stamp pays close attention to 4 criter
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Dispatch of big a network of waterways

  Heat of stamp of Olympic Games subject matter is fried

On November 12, 2005, in Beijing the Olympic Games greeted those who time 1000 days to be released with mascot of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 the following day, BOCOG and combination of national post office were held in people congress hall " the 29th Olympic Games -- emblem and mascot " a hair ceremony of the commemorative stamp.

This mark is worn Beijing 2008 market of make one's bow of Olympic Games stamp.

Emblem and complete set of mascot commemorative stamp 6, it is emblem of Beijing Olympic Games respectively -- " China imprints the Beijing that · waves " Bei Bei of child of blessing of He Jixiang content, Fu Wajing brilliant, Fu Wa is joyous joyous, Fu Wa is greeted greet, Fu Wani Ni. Among them, the circulation of emblem stamp is 20 million, mascot stamp is 15 million every. The par value of every stamp all is 80 minutes.

After this, national post office rolled out place of concerned motion project, motion, torch to deliver in succession wait for stamp of Olympic Games series, because follow-up subject matter is rich, mail of Olympic Games subject matter tasted one side city to be shown relatively strong. For example, the bird's nest that issued on December 20, 2007 is small-sized piece after coming out inside 30 short days, the price was created in June 2001 after the portion new issue small-sized piece record, clinch a deal valence achieves 490 thousand yuan.

Enter 2008, the stamp of Olympic Games subject matter is heat is decreased hard more. March, a par value ticket of 8 yuan edition of Olympic Games badge, mad already fried 20 multiple. The Olympic Games is popular the stamp rises generally one times above. And arrive at the beginning of June, by Olympic Games stamp considers as to get inside course of study army person " the Olympic Games does not do glue " the price picks up 212 yuan perch. But, divide " abstruse glue " the stamp of subject matter of Olympic Games of the others great majority besides, the price is going low continuously however, and " abstruse glue " also be to valence does not have city. The expert inside course of study says, "Abstruse glue " one branch alone beautiful the ill will that has excessive hype, price of Olympic Games stamp goes low is early days evil lowliness consequence.

Par value ticket of 8 yuan edition of Olympic Games badge reachs 85 yuan from 126 yuan of fall after a rise April. Same par value 8 yuan " Olympic Games mascot " edition ticket, already also declined from 93 yuan of April reach 66 yuan; Par value 4.2 yuan torch relay Xiaoquan piece the price April is 26 yuan, right now the price also is 14.5 yuan only.
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