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Lie Hu Canglong, antique " pat greatly " stare at on " Shanxi wealthy person " (
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On July 10, 2008, the organization of mass organizations of two Chinese collector that comes from beautiful, Europe appears on provincial capital at the same time exposition of one antique artwork, carry the look for of curiosa of antique of hundreds China and foreign countries that come to buy the home for its. One week later on July 17, beijing some large sale firm together the antique artwork that I save a person of the same trade to roll out auctions meeting preview, heavy curtain is pulled open in provincial capital, sponsor just say, 5 special performance are them " home of the Tibet that it is hill measures what make personally to collect regale " ... in recent years, antique artwork " pat greatly " preview again and again patronage Shanxi, a batch " actual strength is sent " hill Tibet home, had become large artwork to auction the cause client that business strives for eagerly.

"Pat greatly " try water Shanxi again and again

Common saying says, gold of troubled times of flourishing age rare curiosa. Accompany the prosperity that folk collects, the line of business of domestic artwork sale that starts end of the century on result is brisk with each passing day, compete subsequently intense. To collect person energy of life, attract the cause client that has actual strength to participate in contest to pat, annual before two season take year greatly, firm of a few large sales all is met handpick heavyweight pats the tour of inspection outside tasting to exhibit, close quarters hides the home to place " Jian treasure " . Should pat patronage of preview in an endless stream greatly when a city, among them imply is self-evident.

In October 2007, antique artwork autumn during patting gold season to come, be located in provincial capital government office east banqueting hall of hotel of class of a of the street 5 stars, begin to welcome the large sale that comes from Beijing and other places again and again company autumn pats preview. Abroad circumfluence cultural relic appears on class of 4 national treasure of firm of some international auction when provincial capital, this company controller expresses: The auction is met will auction nearly 100 seas to put in cultural relic 's charge, shanxi Taiyuan is the first station that this outback make one's rounds exhibits, the hope is searching the hill Tibet home that has actual strength here, pat partial sea to put in curiosa 's charge.

With the month, have " vane of Chinese sale trade " the Beijing that say some large sale firm, carry this year autumn pats partial high-quality goods to be after Singapore and Hong Kong preview, immediately moves division Shanxi Taiyuan. A controller of this company says: "In recent years, shanxi falls in the positive effect of countrywide artwork market, collect lover to increase ceaselessly, also be artistic collector collect the ground, a lot of our client friends... home of Tibet of hope this locality can be exhibited through visitting make one's rounds, him discovery loves pat article, come to Beijing attend contest to pat, enjoy the boundless pleasure that shares an auction to bring. " in April 2008, this company comes round once more, held its to be in first of Shanxi " spring take special performance chair " .
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