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Price of Hainan chrysanthemum pear falls madly nowadays 900 yuan / kilogram litt
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Hainan chrysanthemum pear is the most brilliant be 2007, highest ever fried 9000 yuan / kilogram. However, " myth is undone first half of the year this year " , the price is just as free falling body kind drop madly 10 times, and bright somebody make inquires. Hainan collector says, "Wooden city " and present stock market are same, already those ever borrowed firmly ring a huge sum of money, businessman that borrows big money to fry annatto, baleful corner annatto, and what differ with the stock market is, "Wooden city " has " again hard to search dish of " opportunity.

■ the reporter witnesses:

Hainan comes 10 years head show " to handle Hua Limu "

Yesterday early in the morning, big talk east lake painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style is euqally lively each when a street comes like more than 10 years Sunday. Here, whenever can gather together on Sunday,many antique lover reachs collector.

Collector Laoli comes early early to painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style a street. Because the price of pear wood is spent to drop point-blank since this year, the Hua Limu in decision general hand casts the old Li Yi that can'ts bear heavy burden entirely piece. Laoli saw a " handles the stall of Hua Limu " here, the word of stall boss lets Laoli is anxious very. "Return here can the old fashioned square table for eight people that low sells a pear of chrysanthemum of a Hainan to do, this table sold 350 thousand yuan last year, sold 100 thousand yuan only nowadays. And where can still sell now go out, bade falls than last year 9 into also won't somebody wanted. "Stall boss says helplessly.

Antique dealer Mr Wu is very pained, come a few years, he takes a fancy to Hua Limu's tremendous " to appreciate dimensional " , lent a huge sum of money raw material of redemptive not little Hua Limu and furniture, nowadays, corner became in the wood in the home piece chicken ribs. "10 years, see for the first time hang out one's shingle ' handle Hua Limu ' businessman. "Mr Wu says.

The market of an annatto furniture with the biggest big talk shares distributors of furniture of many 20 Hua Limu, here the reporter sees, hua Limu of a home cannot see a client almost in furniture exhibition hall, market cold and cheerless. Because prices is bad, a lot of commodity registered the trademark of special offer, of ark of rice of pear of a chrysanthemum mark a price, 100 thousand yuan from last year, fell 25 thousand yuan of present. And before can sell 9000 yuan / kilogram aniseed of Hainan chrysanthemum pear, mark a price now 900 yuan / kilogram sell do not go out, the price falls 9 into.

From 2004 up to now, if use rosewood of Hainan chrysanthemum pear, flocculus,wait for the furniture that rare wood makes only, the price is twice ground upgrade breaks up, rise the furniture of 10 times above, can be found everywhere in furniture store. However, treat the constant change of manner of furniture of beautiful pear wood as people, from above all treasure change collect, from collect change investment, become congenial from investment, till final insanity is acclaimed, bubble of price of beautiful pear wood is undone, price suffer a disastrous decline.
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