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What home of illicit of face of the Song Dynasty collects books is arisen with p
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Courtyard of allograph of the Song Dynasty collects books famously building plan has: Fleabane in relief academy of classical learning collects books academy of classical learning of hill of cabinet of posthumous papers of honour classics cabinet, Li Zeshu courtyard, brook esteems academy of classical learning of hill of cabinet of book of drive of academy of classical learning of building, high mountain the foot of mountain, crane Wen Ge, Bai Lu cabinet of chapter of cloud of hole academy of classical learning, .

Song Chao reached a new height on phylogeny of our country feudal culture. In this one period, home of illicit of our country ancient time collects books course of study also got greater progress, collect books the group conduct that makes sociality, produced numerous bibliophile. Collect books the politics of behavior general society, economy, culture and life of science and technology are contacted cheek by jowl together, had main effect to transmission and the culture bequest that save the motherland.

Song Chao, each respect such as agriculture, handicraft industry and commerce obtained outstanding achievement, whole society presents the picture with an one prosperous clique. In a few big inventions of Chinese ancient time, compass, typographic with gunpowder it is be able to apply extensively in Song Shi. Engraving print is most flourishing, there are a certain number of book industry centers in the whole nation, lane of official, civilian book is very much. What with print development contacts is the development of course of study of the papermaking between Song Daimin. Song Shi, the raw material of each district papermaking and the technology that make is varied, breed slue. If north uses Sang Pi, plain Sichuan uses hemp, use liver mosses littoral, two short for Zhejiang Province use wheat stalk, paddy stalk, tender bamboo, oily cane to wait. The crop of course of study of acting papermaking of the Song Dynasty is very big also, according to account, only badge city wants every year to go up tribute 7 kinds of paper, many pieces 1.44 million. Song Dai's paper the generation before also be being compared increases a lot of, among them the paper that county of badge city Yi, inhaling county produces is as long as 5 a unit of length. And Song Dai's paper reachs thin, soft, light, pliable but strong, fine level commonly. A few places still add pink to paper, add flower of vinegar, coloring, press and smooth, make elegant lubricious writing paper. This reflected the progress that the Song Dynasty takes the place of to go up in papermaking technology. And the progressed to promote print greatly again prosperity of papermaking technology.

After Zhao unifies the world, regnant estate is in political the biggest characteristic is to carry out article Guan Zhizheng, this also collects books for illicit home of course of study flourishing provided favorable social politics environment. Song Chao has two very important be in officing measure. It is system of bureaucratic to the imperial examinations since Sui Tang choose undertake reform and be perfectinged. The system aroused imperial examinations the enthusiasm that person person reads, also cause book society value at the same time stimulate rise raise. 2 be advocate in whole society honour Kong Zunru, develop energetically with Confucianism the feudal culture system that learns to be a center. Confucianism those who learn is arisen, guided discourse on an academic subject grind the climax of classics, a lot of big Confucianism reach each district official to found academy of classical learning eagerly, in education talent, encourage the free airing of views, print cuts work, save the respect such as ancient codes and records, had very big effect.
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